Monday, December 26, 2005

Was Santa good to you?

Lititz VFW Dec. 21st

Special thanks to Tzed (the Z is silent) for taking all of tonight's pix!
Nick and Tom took third place, but gladly traded places with the Posse so that they could pick next week's themes: the Three Stooges and the Simpsons.
Chicks and Dicks celebrated the season by capturing first place.
Tina, Tom, Sheila and Mark say Cheez for the camera before they dig into the night's raffle grand prize.
We're Here for the Beer had a rare off night.
What's that on his head?
Room 2 attempted a three-fer, but had to settle for second.
Janie celebrates the Posse's adoption of Kirk by sporting a new chapeau.
A nice pic of Kathy and Janie.
The two-person D&M team came in fifth and won some sponge creatures.
Bill's team this week went under the name Tirty-Tree and a Turd.
Struggling over the dreaded picture round.
Carmen consults with Cindy and Sheila.
Merry Christmas to all...
and to all a good night!

Bubes Brewery, Dec. 20th

Sometimes I'm at a loss for an appropriate caption.
Ben and Autumn were joined by their secret weapons Jason and the amazing see-through human body and tied for fourth. Next week's themes: Monty Python and Sherlock Holmes.
Nutsacks roasting on an open fire. (ouch!)
Karen thanks Jason for the night's grand prize: a Vermont Teddy Bear (courtesy of one of Jason's exes).
Two of the lesser-known reindeer: Monkey and John-John.
John helped his teammates capture second place before he heads back to Florida.
Don't mess with Dead Bear Baby.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Meowy Christmas!

Take a break from shopping (assuming you've started, although I know I haven't) and join us this week for our extra-special holiday shows.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Lititz VFW

I don't have my notes with me, so this is from memory: Chix and Dix led the way until a disastrous fourth round. We're Here for the Beer split into two camps, the Dave and Frank group took second and the Steve and Bob camp took fourth (choosing board games and Everybody Loves Raymond as next week's themes). It looked like it Gene was going to be the one-man Posse until Kirk joined him -- and they came in third! And it was Room 2, with former Richmond native Gerry that took the gold.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bube's Brewery

It was an evening of new friends and returning old ones as we welcomed back Stephen Hawking's Institute of Pop-Locking and Crip Walking and Dead Bear Baby in A Jar and Mike's Grandma's Coat (Jen was sporting the fur coat that they had won at trivia a while back). We also introduced a new mascot, tentatively named Delores Vandersnatch (pic to come). The Nutsacks were so huge that they broke into the left and the right and they won first and second place. Josiah's wife saved the day, giving their side of the sack victory. Tesla came in third and Team Discovery Channel's three week winning streak came to an end as they claimed fourth (Besting a new team, the Peronies by a mere one point). Their picks for next week's themes: Bob Dylan and muscular-skeletal anatomy. And the high (or to some, low) point of the evening was my rousing rendition of C310inch's immortal classic "If I Only Had a Dick."

Monday, December 12, 2005

Ow! My Head!

If holiday stress is getting you down, please feel free to use the above. Better yet, come out to a trivia show. This week's themes: Saved by the Bell and the Book of Genesis (Bubes) and cars and Christmas Carols (VFW).

Monday, December 05, 2005

If I Only Had A...

If the idea of hearing me as a certain golden android singing "If I Only Had a Dick" appeals to you, then come on out tonight (Monday, Dec. 5th) to Harrisburg's Appalachian Brewing Company at 7 P.M. My friend Randy Gross wrote two adult comedies which a group of radio personalities will be performing. It's an old-fashioned staged radio play/reading held upstairs in ABC's Abbey bar. It's a fundraiser for local food banks, which have been depleted by all the disasters this year. Please bring a canned good, too.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bubes Themes for Next Week...

...are the Austin Powers movies and Christmas Carols, as chosen by the Tesla Death Rays.

Lititz VFW November 30th

Another rollercoaster night, with Chicks and Dicks squeaking by Stevie Nick's biggest fans, We're Here for the Beer. The Posse also squeaked by the terrific twosome of Nix Lix, who chose microbrews and imported beer and the TV show "Cheers" as their themes for next week.

I'll Take Manhattan, Richmond and Staten Island, Too

Gerry was right! The borough of Staten Island was known as the borough of Richmond, up until 1975. (And Iraq was once known as Babylon).

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Lititz VFW Thanksgiving Eve

JJ of the Posse, who was easily our youngest trivia player tonight, was a good luck charm for his team as they took first place. It was wall-to-wall people as everyone came out to enjoy Nita's Thanksgiving buffet. Chix and Dix and Room 2 took second and third as the We're Here for the Beer, Too! team took fourth and chose baseball and Planet of the Apes movies as next week's themes. Later, people stayed around to hear the Terry Mullens Trio.
Tom and Nick and their bodiless pilgrim friend wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Bube's Brewery, November 22nd

It was the strangest beginning to a trivia night ever. When I pulled up to Bube's at 7:30, there wasn't a single car in the parking lot! When I walked into the Bottling Works, there were only eight people there, watching "High Fidelity" on the movie screen. Then I realized that the eight were all Bube's staffers! J threatened to play with his laptop and cellphone while blurting. But then, like some Thanksgiving miracle, people kept piling in and the place was full. Truly a wonder.

Thanks to the Nutsacks for taking tonight's pix.
Steve was so excited by tonight's game that he couldn't control himself. (Actually his Trashbag of Deelite prize was a plastic rat and a fake booger...)
...which he promptly used to terrorize his teammmate.
The Nutsacks were missing their Mamma Sack, but still did well.
Another wacky prize was a pair of flashing eyeglasses, which Derek is sporting in this pic.
Sometimes the whole picking of the themes thing works: last week's fourth-placers, Team Discovery Channel, became this week's champions.
The Tesla Death Rays, like the spot they were sitting at, ran hot and cold all evening.
Fourth place team The Toxic Olives chose cosmetics and Christmas trees (yes, it's officially that time of year) as next week's themes.
These folks are always troopers.
Struggling over the picture sheet.
Doug and his wife are shocked they did so well.
Look at me, I'm Koppenhafer, E! (That's for you Grease fans out there).
Dave is stylin' with the Shirt of the Week: a Shawn Michaels Heartbreak Kid wrasslin' shirt.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pay No Attention to the Woman Behind the Curtain

The Grand Exalted Vizier of Trivia (AKA Janey Dzubinski) tried to work her magic on the team, to no avail as We're Here for the Beer took first place for the second week in a row. We welcomed back, for one week only, Don the original Dick and the Foreplayers, who were confused by the warm weather into thinking that winter was over. A new team, the Smarties did well for their inaugural visit. And G-Man was a one-man tour de force. The B-52s settled once again for fourth and chose gemstones and cats as next week's themes.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Better Red than Dead

The Grateful Red team took Bube's by storm tonight. They had one simple request. The questions should be about:
Nothing after 1980
No geography
No history
No politics
No artsy fartsy stuff
No music (unless it's oldies between 1969 and 1971)
No social studies stuff
No religion

So, we had basically just stared at each other for 2 hours. Just kidding. It was a great night of trivia and trashbags. Crabby Dicks had a record-breaking fourth round. Ubersmack continued their slump. J and Tim and Dave had a fantastic run. Dead Bear Baby in a Jar made a big comeback in the 4th to take tird. And a new team from parts unknown almost won.FYI: TDC got to pick next week's themes: 90s grunge and recent politics.
This is Dan's Fans team, a group from out of town (rumored to come from Kansas). They were tied with Bite Fiona Apple's Red Cheeks (Fiona is J's favorite film star) all night, but lost the Captain Jack Off. Unfortunately for fans of Dan, his head is totally blocked in this shot.
Dixon is seen here modeling the Shirt of the Week: It shows a stick figure of a horse on its back and reads "Help Me! I've Fallen and I Can't Giddy-Up!" (Well, it was funny when I saw it at the Salvation Army store).

Monday, November 14, 2005

Mama, Don't Let Your Children Grow Up to Be...

...Giant Mutant Cowboy Statues. This big guy can be found at Cowtown in New Jersey somewhere near the Delaware Memorial Bridge. It was always a big deal during family beach trips to see him on the way to Stone Harbor. I don't remember him ever holding a lasso, though.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

New Design

As regular visitors here might notice, I've changed the template of the blog. Hopefully I can tweak it a little so that it blends in with our home page. But that might be a while. in the mean time, enjoy the blinding whiteness!
This is a caricature by an artist named Emily that I had done at Millersville's homecoming recently. (Have fun making sense of that badly written sentence!) Props to Steve DiGuiseppe for hiring the talented Emily.