Friday, May 27, 2005

Yes, you can win big bucks playing trivia!

Mark your calendars: Curtis Earth will be in Lititz doing a trivia show June 18th to benefit the blind and hearing impaired. Top prize is $150!! (That beats a bottle of clam juice any day). Here are the details:


Saturday, June 18, 2005
3-5 p.m.

The Lititz Lions Club and the
Lititz Community Center

“Mr. Trivia”
Curtis Earth
1st place team prize of $150
2nd place team prize of $100

Tickets at the door
$5 per person; $12 per family –


-- “Wacky Raffles”
-- Delicious Bake Sale Table with “Fortune Cupcakes!”

For more information call 665-6978

Lititz VFW themes

For those of you checking in, the themes for next week will be World War II and Peter Sellers movies.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bube's Brewery

It was a great night to attend for prizes, including a very nice piece of luggage donated by Herb of Ladies Night Out (A team that plays at Celi's Clubhouse). My favorite of the night was a giant Jell-O mold of the American flag, which the ever-patriotic Stephen Hawkings team said that they would use to make gimongous Jell-O shooters. The Shirt of the Week was a "Mother of Twins" shirt. Dead Bear Baby Mike won a combo back-massager and torture device. And the fourth, fifth and sixth place teams all won boxes of Twinkies, in honor of that golden treat's 75th anniversary. The Tesla Death Rays and the Toxic Olives slugged it out for first, with the Rays winning by one point. The aforementioned Hawkings team (with the world's longest team name) had their best showing ever and placed third. And the Bears chose "Tenacious D" and "TV spinoffs" as their themes for next week. Karen of the Death Rays will become our first amateur photojournalist next week, so be prepared to smile for the camera.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lititz VFW

We applauded Cathy and Bruce, since it was their last night as the kitchen folks at the VFW (A new kitchen run by Anita debuts next week). We welcomed back the Four PLayers, who insisted that they play just to make me laugh at how poorly they do (although they did mange to get 6th place tonight). There were three Sheilas in the house (but only one Darla). We're Here for the Beer went to the dogs, as Room 2 (fortified by Matt and Frank) took second. New Zipper Club member Carmen and her crew took 4th and chose Everybody Loves Raymond and country music as their themes for next week. And the Bachelor and Bachelorette version of the Posse, unencumbered by their spouses, took first (donut ask me how).

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

All Bow Before Neil

neil, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

On the boats and on the trains,
They're coming to play trivia!...

Happy to Be Second

nuts, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

New Guy, Joanne, Andy and Josiah show they're nuts.

Started Like Gangbusters

crabby, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Tracie (the artist formerly known as Ann) and the Crabby Dicks had their best first round ever.

Look Who's Back

missyclark, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Missy, one of the founding members of Team Discovery Channel, vowed to become a regular again and was true to her word.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Blast from the Past

swansong, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Since we've been talking about Millersville and art, it inspired me to do some new scanning and posting on my other website, hornographics. You can now view all 42 episodes of my comic strip, Swan Song, which ran in the student newspaper. I can safely say that it is the only comic strip in history to deal with the sex lives of swans. It all starts here.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Things to Do in Lancaster

ericafarmer, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

If you're in downtown Lancaster, check out Gallery 141. It's at 113 North Water Street, across from the Loft restaurant and adjacent to the A-Plus Mini-Mart on Orange St. The owner, Alana, is a Millersville grad , and recently featured the works of fellow Millersvillians. More importantly, she is now displaying the impressive "fractured landscape" photographs of trivia player Erica Farmer (of The Stone Cutters fame). But hurry, since her work is only there until the end of May! (We need to get Bubes' owner Sam Allen to feature Erica in the downstairs gallery.)

My Kind of Fortune

nicecake, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

I'm always disappointed when you crack open a fortune cookie to find some drivel like "You are warm and compassionate" or "Wisdom is to truth as beauty is to knowledge." I want a glimpse into my future, and all you give me is platitudes! I want to know what's going to happen to me, dammit! That's why I'm starting a new feature on my blog: Fortune Cookie of the Week. (It also gives me an excuse to eat more sushi).

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Lititz VFW

Erma's team could have used the assistance of "Crazy" Carmen. Erin was in search of something sweet and chocolatey. The B52s were in search of cookies that weren't out of date (They chose "cars" and "dog breeds" as next week's themes, by the way), while the Posse was vibrating with excitement. Tina was just happy to be with her friends. Tonight it was a see-saw between the Beer Team and Room 2. This week Clyde was joined by Bruce and Matt (AKA Gary). Apparently it was Bruce's knowledge of little boys' names that put his team in the victory circle.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bube's Brewery

The Latin-flavored Me Llamo Deado Bearo Babyo ino ao Jaro, Bendejos! team dominated the third and fourth rounds to claim victory. A super-sized Tesla Death Star Team took second and The Fool Monkey survived the picture round to claim third. TDC, featuring the long-lost Missy Clark, took fourth and chose "robots" and "socks" as the themes for next week (Don't blame me, blame Seth). Other teams suffered a Black Tuesday. We welcomed some new teams from Billy Warmth's hiatal Villa Nova East show. The Beta Blockers wished that the baseball questions would go away. The Stephen Hawking team rolled away once they found out they couldn't get a ringside seat. Dale and Tracy soon followed. Dave chugged a glass of instant grits with ham. And I was anally-probed by a dinosaur, courtesy of the Toxic Olives. Strange, but true!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Lititz VFW

It looked like it was going to be a rather intimate night of trivia, until the usual suspects arrived a little later than usual. It was the first night of our four-week Trivial MAYhem Tournament and perennial favorites We're Here for the Beer took an early lead. Sheila's sister Gloria was a crucial addition to the B52s, since she used her New England senses to get the Red Sox questions. Carmen expressed how much she liked South Park. Janey, Dan and Ann were either helped or hindered by the absence of Ted. Tom and Tina were in search of Mark and Sheila. Clyde and Jerry were in search of their teammates, but settled for the founding fathers of WHFTB instead. Nick and her partner (Lix?) and Greg and Susan did really well, proving it only takes two to trivia (well, technically, one, but work with me here...). Greg and Susan chose the Beach Boys and Umbrella Drinks for next week's themes, by the way.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Perfection personified

perfection, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Members of Ubersmack enjoy a game of Perfection, with a few pieces missing (the game, that is).

Ve're the Wictors!

tig, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Last week's winning team, Tig Ole Bitties, savors their victory.

Bube's Brewery

The Trashbag of Dee-lite got an extreme workout tonight, as prizes were traded up left and right. My favorite prize was an autographed photo of Betty Thomas from Hill Street Blues (The signature said "Get me a pen that writes!"). The Olives liked their expanding dinosaur prize so much that they wanted to share it with the Dead Bear Babies. The Bears, on the other hand, wanted to share kind words with the Vortex. The extra-Billy fortified Vortex took second place, only a few points behind the 6' 4" Mass of Flesh-fortified Ubersmack team. The Death Rays were doing well until the fourth round and had to settle for fourth. Their themes for next week: "The Lord of the Rings" and "Alcoholic Beverage and Their Countries of Origin (AKA Alex's favorite show "The Thirsty Traveler")." It was also a night of homecomings, as we celebrated the return of Master Thespian John Devennie from the swamps of Florida and Crabby Dick Dale, who wandered out of the desert of Arizona after forty days (or so).