Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chuckles: Follow the Bouncing Octopus

The teams returned well-rested after a two-week break, but a brutal last round cracked a few Easter Eggs and there were shells everywhere. Lisa and Tim of the Paws team (above) enjoyed the game, but not their Trashbag prize, a can of octopus with garlic sauce (courtesy of Goya). I did a little switcheroo after the game and gave them some Sugar Daddys instead. The octopus went to Ubersmack (see below), who were hungry from their fourth win in a row. The Gordie Howe loving Linuscratchitt were unable to cash in on their Herve Villechaize knowledge and finished eight points back. The Price is Right were third, the Gnomies fourth, while McAnd Beckinland and Ron Paul for President tied for fifth. That meant that cineophiles Lorraine and Ralph Kramden placed seventh and they're going with Spencer Tracy/Katherine Hepburn movies as their theme. The other nine teams basically bombed the last round, once again proving that I shouldn't get a week off.
Tim and Deric of Ubersmack played another game of WWTE? (as in "What Wouldn't Tim Eat?) after the show It's a fairly simple game, since the answer is "anything but mayonnaise."
Connie of the Price Is Right brought along her son, Sunday News celebrity Joe. I hadn't seen Joe since he was "little Joey" and only 10 years old, so it was a shock. Joe helped his team to third place.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

VFW: The Yellow Rose of Lititz

Grant's least favorite category, state flowers, was the theme as the all-male team of Dave, Matt and Matt, AKA the Downtrodden squeaked by the Chix and Dix by one point for first. I announced the B52s as third-place winners, but luckily Mel is better at math than I, since D&M were the true third placers. My apologies to you all and to Price Waterhouse. Mixed Company placed fifth, followed by Clyde and Company, while Mike of MK placed lucky seventh. He's going with "water" as his theme, so bring your wading boots next week!
Brian of Brooks and Dunn appreciated the post-show moon pie.
Dick the undertaker is in total shock that Room Two came in sixth.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bube's: The Balcony Rules!

March Madness hit Bube's as the three top spots were taken by the three balcony teams. Here we see Quietly Making Noise basking in the victors' afterglow.
Despite Meredith's finger saying they're Number One, We're Wrong was actually Number Three, right after second place Hillary Clinton's Nutsack. Team Discovery Channel was fourth, followed by a tie for fifth between Denogginators and Easter Eggs Have Given Me the Splattery Poo!
Jeremy didn't come as far as Danielle to play (that's what she said) as That's What She Said. Unfortunately, by the end of the evening, they weren't on top (that's what she said). They did, however place seventh, and picked The Office as their theme (that's what I said).
Amanda needed a break, so she rounded up Tom and Dana and company to play as the Denogginators. Unfortunately, their noggins fell off in the final round.
Liz and Jason did much better on the picture round than they normally do.

Pix from Last Week's Bube's Show

Deric, AKA "the Human Torch," displays his amazing superpowers to his teammates Paul and Trisha on superhero night at Bube's.
Nathan and Eric had a most excellent night, taking second place and, more importantly, winning a double disc Pat Robertson album, circa 1973.
Randy and his family, AKA Imo's Lightning Bolts, placed seventh and chose NCAA March Madness as their theme.
Yay! The Jon Shober Gang has finally returned!
Dennis brought along extra firepower with Tina from California and Stef from Parts Unknown, but failed to crack the top three.
Brian and Vanessa were the only ones who knew the original, non-Emma Peel Avengers.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hope You Had A Relaxing Weekend

Oscar tuckered himself out chasing the Easter Bunny and hacking up furballs.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Chuckles: Happy Easter, No Show

Just a reminder that, due to it being Easter, there will be no show at Cafe Chuckles on Sunday night. See you all next week!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mat-t & Marge!

VFW: Making a Bad Day Good

Missy helped Tanya recover from her awful day by playing trivia with her at the VFW. But it was a Mixed Company night, as Grant's years of watching Saved by the Bell finally paid off. The Company dueled with the Chicks and Dicks most of the evening, with Erma and company taking second. H2 continued their winning ways and took third. Shitz and Friends were Missing Giggles, who could have helped them past fourth. D&M, the Dumb Blondes and Third Rock filled out the top seven, with Trish picking "state flowers" as next week's theme.
Euro-bum John returned from his overseas trip to help his teammates, the B52s. He helped them tie for ninth place and they helped him pack his bags again.
A nice fuzzy shot of H2, with freelancing Francis in the background.
Internet celbrity Cheryl brought along her siblings Bun and Curt to play as the Dumb Blondes.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bube's: Hold, Please

I left my camera at Bube's, so we'll have to wait until next week for the pics from tonight. Tina drove the whole way from California to see the show and was surprised to see a lighter than usual crowd. I think many of the regulars were nursing hangovers from St. Patty's Day. The two big stories of the night were the return of the Jon Shober Gang and the saga of the dueling Nutsacks. Sack in training Deric brought in Trisha and Paul from Red Lion to become The Left Nut, while Nathan and Eric held court as The Right Nut of the Nutsacks Also Referred to as "Client #9" in the reports Released in the Media. There was a lot of Sack smack, but the Right Nut ascended as the Left descended. Bube's Boredom captured third, while Quail Man almost pulled an upset. Who's the Guy Beside Wolverine had a great last round and took fifth, while We Are Not At Hillary took sixth. That meant Imo's Lightning Bolts got to pick the theme for next week and they are keeping it seasonal by going with March Madness.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chuckles: The Wearing of the Green

The wee bairns known as Ubersmack celebrate St. Patty's Day at Cafe Chuckles with a non-traditional turkey, winning their third game in a row. Sasha was particularly fond of the green food coloring stains that exploded at their table. Jay and Lorraine of the Lethal Amoebas claimed that the turkey was cause for me to shave my head, but that's a crock o' blarney. Bill and Marge came in second, followed by Tri-Polar. Skirtland, Sue's Crew and the aforementioned Amoebae were fourth, fifth and sixth, followed by the Talent Scouts. Favorite team name of the night went to O'Pendleton's Patty O'Furniture, while Irish themed Trashbag O'Deelite prizes included creme de menthe syrup, salted peas and a shamrock tie. The store, unfortunately, was all out of guacamole Pringles.
Tri-Polar added a fourth pole with suspected terrorist Chris. He could not convince his team of his Libyan past, costing them first place.
The Talent Scouts came alive in the last round, capturing seventh place and choosing "Heath Ledger" as the theme for the March 30th show. You have two weeks to watch A Knighht's Tale.
There was a mini-scandal when it was announced that Charlie came up with the Green Monster answer, when it rightfully belonged to Trish.
The gals of Sue's Crew (minus Sue) won matching Cat in the Hat O'Hats.
The trio known as 22 had a good time and won some stylish Irish deely-boppers.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

VFW: Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Recap digest: Mel and Dennis of D and M enjoyed tonight's St. Patty's Day theme., especially since they came in second, only three points behind MacChicks O'Dicks. Last week's winners, H2W, took the bronze. Room Two tied with the mini-sized We're Here for the Beer for fourth, while the BBC took sixth. That meant that Mixed Company got to pick next week's theme and they chose one that I believe is new to the VFW: Saved by the Bell.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bube's: Please Pass the Cup

Tim's face is glowing as the Flaming Moe-rons were about to rise to the heavens after winning a special Suicide Cult night at Bube's. All the teams were given packs of grape Kool-Aid, but surprisingly, no one drank it.
That's not V for Victory, but Two for second place, where Fish and Visitors Smell After Three Days placed. Check out children's musician Jon Sprout' s site. Unfortunately, he doesn't know the Muffin Man.
David passed out from the excitement as the Slap took third.
The Toxic Olives are thinking of creating their own cult/pyramid scheme. But first they have to buy matching purple sweatsuits.
Shannon was so stoked by tonight's theme that he came in on his night off to play. He formed Jim Jones and the Kool Aid Kids (sounds like a good band name to me).
50/50 Shot would have placed higher if they had only stayed with their original answer.
Seth is laughing since TDC disposed of Tim's body.
After How Many Beers? led the pack the entire evening until the fatal last round and plummeted to seventh. They are going with comic book superheroes for next week's theme.
Keith recovered from his sickbed to help out the Wise Men.
The Stone Cutters enjoyed their Coco Krispie straws.
One of my favorite team names: Quietly Making Noise.
The Mari Downers are not big fans of the Picture Round.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Chuckles: Be Afraid!

I left my digital camera at home tonight, so I had to settle for the craptastic cell phone camera again. The pic of Dwight and Carol of Ghosthunters was so bad that I ran it through Photoshop and came up with their spirit images. (Ooooooo.... spoooooky!) Unfortunately, the spirits weren't helping them, since they winded up in the middle of the pack, near the seventh-place Lethal Amoebas (with Secret weapon Chuck). They chose Chuck's favorite topic for next week's theme: classic MGM movie musicals. Dropkick Molly recruited David and Dee of the Tony Danza Slap and placed sixth. The blueberry-loving Chillin' with My Gnomies missed the money slots by one question, as did Out of the Vortex. Alan's volleyball expertise helped Skirtland place third, only three points behind Half of One, Six Dozen of Another. Tonight's grand prize went to Ubersmack, winning by one point despite Tim's Beef Krispies mistake.

Props also to Karen and Carol, who had a fantastic 7 out of 10 right in the last round, and to Bob the Tuna Man for a fantastic first round (hey, it's a start...). Happy early birthday to bartending jess and congrats to Sue for picking the cantaloupe.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Manheim Ambulance Banquet

I had a great time Saturday night at the Manheim Veterans Memorial Ambulance Association banquet at Mount Gretna's Timbers lodge. Some of the members couldn't make it since they were responding to calls caused by strong wind storms. (In fact, it was a challenge for me and my little hockey-puck car to make it through the wind tunnel). Those that did attend were really into the trivia show. The Caretakers and Five with Glasses battled it out for the bottom, while the A-Team, Tricky and The Primroses were in the middle. The Non-Winners didn't win, but placed third, right behind the Eagles, who enjoyed a last-round surge. But it was the cleverly named Middle Table (see above) that were the night's champs. Thanks to Judy Long for booking me and for all these fine folks for providing life-saving service throughout the year.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

VFW: Jack Gets the Finger

Here's a pic of Clyde of Room Two about to get his finger amputated by Captain Jack. Grant eventually won the Jack-off, securing second place for his team. H3W, aided by Jason's sister, returned to their winning ways and placed first. Chicks and Dicks were fourth, and Brooks and Dunn, featuring newlyweds Brian and Cindy were fifth. There was a tie for sixth between the B52s and those crazy Iowans, Bridgid and Bentley, so I gave the theme choice to the eighth place Prius. They're in a holiday mood and chose St. Patrick's Day. Jake, meanwhile, went home to count his Monopoly squares.
Grant headed back to Mixed Company's table, where Amy was overjoyed with the $15 and Pat kept waiting for his beef jerky.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bube's: Maximum Overdrive

Tom and Colleen, half of Team Discovery Channel, finally made it back to the winner's circle with a whopping 90 points! Someone on their team must be an avid Emilio Estevez fan, since that was the theme for the night. Time to rent D3!