Thursday, September 29, 2005


We continue our tradition of handing over the camera to one of our regulars. These pix are from September 13th and are taken by Tracy of the Crabby Dicks. A coffee table book of her pictures should be available by Christmas. Thanks Tracy!
Adam asks Janet:"What have you done for me lately?"
Tonight at Bube's: Attack of the Zombies!
Just their luck: the Crabby Dicks had a good round, and now the ceiling's going to fall on them.
A nicely lit shot.
Here we have Tracy getting artsy on us, with an unusual camera angle.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

VFW Goings-On

It was the 44th anniversary of Gary's 21st birthday as we all celebrated the blessed event with some chocolate cake, courtesy of the Posse. Cindy's knowledge of Cape May helped her team until the dreaded fourth round. Tom joined NIck in learning how to curse, but his were much more direct. Yvonne reminisced about her days with "Y & Y," back when Curtis Earth did the show at the Holiday Inn. The Room 2/We're Here for the Beer feud took an unusual turn when the Beer team took fourth place. But they get to pick the themes, so watch out next week when it's James Bond and Physics night. Steve has a license to kill, so it's a safe bet that they'll do well in that category. And Joanie may love Chachi, but Cal loves Tuscadera.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Better Half of Ubersmack

Pictured above are birthday girls Jessica and Melissa of Ubersmack. Their team was too busy celebrating, however to make the winner's circle. That distinction went to Charles and John of the Fool Monkey, who wisely chose themes for this week. The honor of picking next week's themes went to Bill and Marge of Out of the Vortex, who had their highest placement in a while. They chose French literature and the rock group Boston as their themes for next week (Don't let that scare you away, though). The Toxic Olives also had a good week, placing third. In second place (losing first by one measly point) was the Exoricism of Emily Rose's Nutsack. Nutsacker Joanne will be carefully listening to the Rolling Stones concert this weekend (courtesy of her favorite child, Andy). Wipes Lefthanded did extremely well until the end. And we said arriverderci to Dead Bear Baby Adam, who is off to Italy for a three week tour.

Gone to Meet the Chief

Farewell to Don Adams, inventor of the first cell phone and penguin impersonator.

Where Are Our Themes?

Sorry I've been so far behind blogging. I've been busy training the new dishwasher. Bube's themes this week are tennis and meteorology and at the VFW it's cars and Cape May.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nude Trivia Host

What trivia host with the initials B.W. celebrates a certain milestone this Friday?

What a Croc!

Remember last week's Crocodile vs. Alligator controversy about which has the broader snout? This comes from Animal PLanet:

Alligators have broad U-shaped snouts, whereas crocodiles have narrower V-shaped snouts. There is some variation (for example Mugger crocodiles have a very broad snout like an alligator).

So apparently y'all didn't realize that I was talking about Mugger crocodiles. ;-) My apologies. (I hate it when I'm wrong!)

You Asked For Them, You Got Them

This anonymous post just in: "Dude, you need to post the themes for Bube's tonight! "

They are: Saturday Night Live and the Harry Potter books.

How's that for service? Also coming to a blog near you, Dale's pictures from last week. Stay tuned!

Friday, September 16, 2005

A Wise Guy, huh?

This just in: Shemp died Novenber 23rd, 1955. Curly died Jan. 18th, 1952! Why do I ever doubt myself?

Friday, September 09, 2005

I Never Liked Billy Joel, Anyway

This week I asked "What president is mentioned twice in Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire?" I think every single team at the VFW said JFK. I said it was Richard Nixon. Turns out we were both right (Group hug, everyone!) . I had forgotten about the "payola and Kennedy" line. Luckily this snafu did not affect the winning scores. Santayana goodbye!

Themes for Bubes and the VFW

Boffo beerhound Bob and his team chose Pennsylvania microbreweries and chili (with an "i," not an "e") as next week's themes at Bubes. Meanwhile, Nick and Tom chose the Three Stooges and Motown male groups of the 60s as the themes for the VFW.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lititz VFW

Tonight we welcomed back the mayor, Theodore Dzubinzkiczyk (or something like that), who once again volunteered to score papers (Ted is always helpful like that). The Ladies' Auxiliaree (or something like that, this computer doesn't have spell-chekc) started the 50/50, which was won by Bert (and I think that was the only winning happening at her table). Chicks and Dicks once again got fourth, but gladly traded it for fourth when Nick and Tom begged to get to pick the themes. (Congrats to Nix Lix for a great fourth round, btw). We're Here for the Heineken, hindered by Matt, took second and Room Two, abetted by Frank and John, got the gold for the second week in a row.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bube's Brewery

Bad news: The Tuesday after Labor Day is traditionally a light attendance night, and this year was no exception. Good news: The Crabby Dicks had their highest ranking, ever!