Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chuckles: Tryptophantastic!

I thought that the post-holiday lull might kick in, but we had a huge amount of teams tonight! A particularly grueling last round did in some teams and Woods Crashes White House Dinner (above) managed a one-question win over the dynamic duo of Marge and Sam of Out of the Vortex. There was a Captain Jack-off™ between Dave of the VFW Leftovers and Alan of Skirtland, with Dave victorious. Ubersmack was fifth, followed by Nurses: We Keep Doctors from Killing You. We'll be having two themes next week, since there was a tie for seventh: Disney theme parks (as chosen by The Lapcats) and aggrotech (as chosen by The Window Lickers). And, yes, it's the musical genre aggrotech, not agritech. (I was in a thankful mood and allowed an obscure topic.)

Helpful Hint

Getting ready to make a lasagna dinner for Quietly Making Noise this afternoon. (They won the dinner at Hornswylde Mansion during the Octobapalooza tourney at Bube's).

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am truly thankful for all of your support of trivia through the years (six years at Bube's and the VFW and three years at Chuckles - yowza!). May your Thanksgiving holiday (and not your pants) be bursting at the seams! Also, just a reminder: there is no trivia tonight at the VFW. See you all next week!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bube's: Full House!

The White Stains were so close to the winner's circle on this jam-packed night! I had announced them as the third place team, but the misscored Olives pointed out my error ( I forgot that they got the ten-pointer, so they were in second place) and the Stains were pushed to fourth. The adult video-gaming Nutsacks were first, while the Flaming Moe-rons were also pushed to third. The Fool Monkey used their gift certificate from the Octoberpalooza tourney to move to a table for once and they placed fifth, along with the Stonecutters. Theme choice goes to DUI Checkpoint....Aighhhht! They were not fans of this week's Irish whiskey theme, so they are going with bottom-shelf vodkas. Yum! Brings back old memories...
I almost misread FLICK Yur Bean's name, causing a potential FCC disaster.
Long-time-no-seeer Chris and Phyllis drove up from Oxford, but then had to fly home right after the show.
Petey K and the Unpaid Speeding Ticket will be our mixmasters for next week.
They had one of the best team names of the night: Stupidity Leak.

Pink Glove Dance

If this amusing video gets a million hits, a company will make a large donation to the hospital, as well as offering free mammograms to the community in Portland. It's worth checking out.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chuckles: Preciousssssss!

20 teams didst battle on the field of Fruitville and when the smoke cleared, Ubersmack was victorious. Malevolent Marge continued her winning ways, aided by Sam and Keith to take second. The Fellowship of Pixie Stix and Whirlygigs was third, while Who Put the Men in Our Menstrual Cycle settled for fourth. We Can Win . . . With Tickets (who actually won . . . with tickets) was tied with Who Watches This Fantasy Crap Anyway? for fifth and the IDKs are our themepickers for next week (The Beatles). But the best news of the night was from the Miami Blades, who created their own team t-shirts! Hopefully they'll wear them again so I can get a decent photo of them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

VFW: Jack and Coke Triumphant!

Jack and Coke celebrate their victory as we had a rare three-way tie for first between them and the B52s and Trivia at 8. It was between seasoned Jack-offer™ Dave and virgins Barry and Marsha as the three faced Captain Jack. Dave was the first to fall and Marsha eventually prevailed. Chicks and Dicks was fourth, followed by Obama Bows to Us, Too! and It's Just a Freakin' Game. Sheila was happy, since she finally got her cookies. D and and M was seventh, but since Dennis will be hunting next show night, they gave me Host's Choice as the theme (insert evil laugh here). Also, please remember that there will be no trivia next week, since there will be a band playing on Thanksgiving Eve. Enjoy your holiday!

The Unknown Ray Charles Dancer

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bube's: What's That on Your Lip?

Tonight we pulled some strange gifts from the Trashbag of Deelite (well, stranger than usual). A high point for the Toxic Olives was a set of stylish mustaches, which they promptly wore. We also have an extremely bizarre alien cat which will be next week's trade-in prize. On the competition front, it was the power of duos as two pairs took first (Josiah and Nathan of We're Anxiously Anticipating the Disocvery of the World's Greatest Element: Nutsackium) and third (Charles and Marty of the Fool Monkey). Quietly Making Noise was between them in second. The Tony Danza Slap took fourth, followed by the Olives and Kramerica. Theme choice goes to A Guy, A Gal and a Senior Citizen and they picked Irish whiskey.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chuckles: Girl Power!

Out of the Vortex + 2 Roses (or as I like to call them, The Rose-Scented Vortex) was a new super-team of Trish, Marie and Marge that took no prisoners tonight. They had a nine-point victory over defending champs Who Put the Men in Our Menstrual Cycle. Second Collection was struggling all night long, but came through in the last round to claim third. KCC and B had a nice fourth-place showing, followed by Skirtland and a three-wa tie for sixth between Nurses We Keep Doctors from Killing You, Team CHUD and Stix and Gigs. Miami Blades once again got theme choice and they are going with the Lord of the Rings.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

VFW: All Systems Go

The VFW was packed tonight. Chicks and Dicks inched past Andre Agassi's Dope Dealers to take home the gold. 2-H+3 had their best night ever, placing third. The B52s and Jack and Coke tied for fourth, while Mixed Company was sixth. It's Just a Freakin' Game are next week's theme-pickers and they are going with the Nanny. (As in the one with the woman with the nail-on-chalkboard laugh)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bube's: Join the 300 Club

Proving that you can't keep a good team down, Semper Fi Do or Die Nutsack Nutsack aced the last round to win tonight, after being the worst team last week. Charles of the Fool Monkey was confident that they had won having guessed nine of the ten. But the Monkey was second, followed by the Toxic Olives. The Olives' farm team, the Toxic Kalamatas featuring birthday girl Katrina, was fourth, while Ere We Are was fifth. A new team, The Dutch Rudders, was happy to place sixth out of 15 teams, while the Stonecutters was even happier to place seventh. Thier choice for theme: the periodic table. They also chose the playlist and I can safely say it's a little on the eclectic side.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Chuckles: Menstrual Show

Who Put the Men in Our Menstrual Cycle won on a night featuring the "chick flick" Benny Hill, I mean Notting Hill, with an 8-point victory over defending champs Ubersmack. Pixie Sticks featuring Yusef fell one point shy of the silver and settled for third. Second Collection was stuck in fourth all night. Team CHUD, Kim Jong Ill'in and Out of the Vortex rounded out the top seven, with the Miami Blades getting theme choice for next week. They are going with the Twilight saga.

Best Show Currently on TV

I think Friday Night Lights is currently the best show on TV (since Chuck and Lost are on hiatus). If you don't have DirecTV, make sure to watch it next year on NBC.

Some Unposted Chuckles Pix

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

VFW: Gone to the Dogs

It was a special night of TV animal trivia, as we played a speeded-up game to accomodate World Series fans (and we all see how well that went). Andy Pettite Should Take a Urine Test returned to the winners' circle, one question ahead of the cookie-deprived It's Just a Freakin' Game. KB was joined by K and continued their winning ways, placing third. Chicks and Dicks grew again and placed fourth, one point ahead of 2H + 3. The B52s was 6th and D&M once again get to pick a theme: NASA.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bube's: Trivia from Hell

Thankfully I had my back turned to the huge Beezelbub behind me, otherwise I would have had the heebie-jeebies all night. Seems the demon was left over from Bube's Halloween spooktacular. He got to see a great night of quizzing, as teams went down in flames (again with the hellish imagery!). Quietly Making Noise was not so Quiet, as they had a nearly 20 point victory over One Ball Paul and the Rhythm Disciples. A Tiny Danza Slap was third, followed by Kramerica, who were celebrating their highest placing. Jones was fifth and the Toxic Olives sixth. These Themes Really Chap My Nutsack was delighted to place seventh, so they get to pick next week's theme: Major League pitchers who have won 300 or more games.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Chuckles Theme

Thanks to Justin for filling in for me. He reports that the theme for next Sunday (November 8th), at Cafe Chuckles (as chosen by Nurses: We Keep Doctors from Killing You) is the film Notting Hill.