Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VFW: Things That Go Boa In the Night

Dee and Sheila are modeling their prizes from the spooky Trashbag of Deelite on a special night of Halloween Eve's Eve trivia. Room Two changed their name to McCain's Unremarkable Butt and the name change proved lucky since they claimed first place, six points ahead of Chix and Dix. The B52s once again claimed the bronze, followed by the return of Brooks and Dunn and Trivia @ 8. Alice and her crew took sixth, while the Obamacrats got to pick their theme. They're going with Hogan's Heroes.
Trivia virgins Sarah and Derick were humming along.
McCain's Unremarkable Butt unclenched and relaxed after their victory.
The Halloweenies had a great time, even though they missed the first couple of rounds.
While his parents are out, future player Cole is home boning up on trivia.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bube's: Can We Come Out to Play?

If you squint really hard, you can just about make out Slick Freddy and the Usual Suspects. Their wives let them out to play and they did really well, placing third. Unfortunately they won't be paroled again until January. The spirit of the Wise Men lives on as Brent led his Leopold "Butters" Scotch team to second. But the big story of the night was the triumph of the Crabby Dicks, who somehow managed to finally take first place. Quietly Making Noise would have been in the winners circle if they had not bombed the second round. They placed fourth, right ahead of the Slap and The Seafood Special Nutsacks. Eat It Raw placed lucky seventh and are going with trucks as next week's theme.
The Crabby Dicks, now with 50% more Crabs!
Prince Ryan (seen here with his crown) has moved up a couple of notches in the line of succession at Bube's.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chuckles: Zidane in the Membrane

Thanks to Justin for taking one for the team and hosting tonight at Chuckles. I got the abridged version of the scores so far. The Twin Roses made good their threat and won the gold. with Making Magik/Spider Pig second and Team C.H.U.D. third. The seventh place team (I'm guessing Nick and Jason of We Can Win...With Tickets!) chose the Metroid series. Now I'm going have to go and research what that is...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

VFW: The Belles of St. Mary's

Tonight's contest was brought to you by Straub's beer of St. Mary's, PA. In fact, drinking Straub's helped Dave, Frank and Kevin to an amazing 93 points and the gold. Chicks and Dicks, fresh off a dinner bought at the General Sutter with their previous trivia winnings, took the silver and the B52s were third. Matt and Matt (and Amy) chose the name Patrick Swayze's Miraculous Pancreas and placed fourth. The Hackers had a fantastic last round and placed sixth, and Room Two settled for seventh. Their theme choice: Bobby Darrin, so there will be a lot of splishin' and a-splashin' next week.

Smoking Poodle, Batman!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bube's: Today's Your Birthday! (doo, doo, doo, doo...)

Sarah's friends treated her to a night at Bube's for her twenty-first birthday. Here we see her doing a typically adult activity. She also got to see a particulary tight night of high-scoring trivia, with the Flaming Moe-rons fending off a last minute rush by Please Tip Ryan So he Can Buy A Bigger Hat to Fit His Head and the Olives, Toxic. (I have to get my notes from home for the next couple of teams.)
The Flaming Moe-rons (Flyers Rule!) once again proved to be the team to beat.
The Olives, Toxic are proud of their bronze medal.
Earth Girls and a Dude, with the Dude going "O" for "O-bama."
Alan is afraid of heights.
Quietly Making Noise is ready for their close-up. They're also ready for the theme they picked for next week: Boston Legal.
You Can't Fix Stupid aced the picture round and had a stellar last round.
This group of E-towners was able to catch the last round only, since they had been busy celebrating Brittany's 22nd birthday.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chuckles: Beanboozled Again

The ladies of No BitchAssness had a great night their first time playing trivia at Chuckles, winning those Russian Roulette jelly beans known as Beanboozled. They also saw the come from behind victory of Ubersmack. The 'smack were helped by Deric, who actually read the Scarlet Pimpernel (non-Cliff Notes version) this week to prepare for the theme. The Twin Roses were right behind and are more determined than ever to get first place. The Pixiestix were one question back and then there was a tie for fourth between Making MagiK and Clowns McNutty. Skirtland placed sixth, with the Zombies getting theme choice (see below).
The Twin Roses, featuring My Favorite Martian Rick, are inching ever closer to the top spot.
Steve is upset that he didn't remember Swing Out Sister, while Sue takes a nap.
Angie and Kim almost came in third, but a last-minute change in an answer did them in.
Name That Tuna Bob with Team Chamo, named after their guest player, Chamo the Wonder Bear.
The Tidy Bowlers bolted early, so they didn't hear that Justin will be guest-hosting next week.
The Zombies came in lucky seventh and chose World Cup soccer as their theme.
You never suspect the quiet one.

My Lovely Assistant

This week's questions were composed with some minor assistance from Oscar F. Cattison. (This pic was taken right before he did his patented circle move and wiped out an entire row of Simpsons figurines).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

VFW: ReMaverickans, Don't You Know!

Chris and Matt joined forces with Chris' mom and her fiance to become the ReMaverickans, tonight's winning team. Chris always knew that he could create the Dream Team. They squeaked by Chicks and Dicks in the last round and won by one point. The B52s also came alive in the last round and placed third. Dennis and Mel tied with Mark and Sheila for a tie for fourth. I forget who placed fifth and sixth, since I left my scoresheet at home.
We're Here for the Beer added Frank in the last round and rubbed his belly for good luck. That was good enough for seventh place, and they chose TV westerns as their theme for next week.
The B52s also cleaned up in Trashbag of Deelite goodies, winning four prizes.
The Good, the Bad and the Crazy, featuring champion speller Cass.
Sheila is bummed that she and Mark tanked the last round, dropping out of second place.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bube's: They Blew Up Kenny! Those Bastards!

The Wise Men and their Wiser Ladies (with special guest star Kenny) gathered to say farewell to Van and Erin, who are headed out this weekend to the wilds of Omaha. A key crossout cost them first place as Puff N Suds won by two points. In fact, it was tight night of competition, as the top six teams were within two questions of each other. There was a tie for third, forcing a Jack-off™ between Josiah and Sarah, both of whom had never lost. Sarah's record remained intact, as the Tony Danza Slap took third and The Nutsacks Are Closer to Uranus Than Any Other Team took fourth. Tom of TDC held his own, placing fifth as Quietly Making Noise woke up and took sixth. You Can't Fix Stupid finally achieved their life-long dream of seventh, allowing them to pick the theme for next week: NASCAR!
Puff 'N Suds attribute their win to their favorite brain food: Gummi Panda Bears.
The Tiny Tony Danza Slap is still trying to work out their gang signs.
Josiah and Marie are trying to get Peter Gabriel out of their heads.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Monday!

Would you like our mortgage?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chuckles: Triviamania!

The British Bulldog stopped by tonight, since the theme was professional wrestling's Ric Flair. It proved to be a particularly punishing night, since the high score was only 68. That belonged to the team that can wear this week's championship belt: Skirtland. Of Pixie Stix and Whirlygigs were 11 points behind in second (much to Fritz's dismay), followed by the Andy and Kirsten (AKA the Intoxicated Intellectuals). An overstressed Ubersmack was fourth, while the Twin Roses' cross-out put them in fifth. The Zombies were right behind and we had two teams tied for seventh. So next week we're going with '80s One-Hit Wonders (The Brain Dead's choice, which should please Ray to no end) and The Scarlet Pimpernel (Clown McNutty's choice).
Dave and Lisa of Trivia at 8 (What a Concept!) had an amazing 93 points on Wednesday, and a not-so-amazing 36 tonight.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

National Book Festival

I'm doing some retro-posting: I attended the National Book Festival a couple of Saturdays ago and snapped this shot of Congress. This is the second year I attended the Festival and once again they had a great line-up. I saw Bob Schieffer and Neil Gaiman and was convinced to see the lady who wrote the Other Boleyn Girl - all great speakers. The highlight of the trip was a visit to the Smithsonian's Sackler Museum, where they were finishing up a Jim Henson exhibit. They even had the Mu-Num-A-Na Muppets! (doo, doo, da, doo, doo!)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

VFW: Derek Jeter, Pumpkin Eater

Tonight featured some truly bad puns in the picture round, inspired by the Nursery Rhyme theme, like Hickory, Dick, Cory, Doc and Peter, Peter, Derek Jeter. (At least it made me laugh). Mixed Company added Dave of Trivia @ 8 and romped through all four rounds with a most impressive 93 points. Chicks and Dicks managed to survive a last round comeback by Room Two to take second. The crow-munching B52s were only three points behind, followed by Alice in Wonderland. There was dramatic Jack-off between Angie of the Highsteppers! and Jean of Prius, with Jean swiftly bitten twice. So Angie and crew are going with game shows as their theme choice.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bube's: Returning from Uranus

Shannon, Heather and Mary made a rare Tuesday night appearance. Rare, since they run a trivia show in Middletown on the same night. They cheered on tonight's come-from-behind team, their former teammates Josiah and Nathan, who took the gold. Becky's Care Bear knowledge helped the Toxic Olives place second, with the Oil Lobbyists right behind. Team Discovery Channel, which is down to one active member, took fourth, followed by the Laos-loving You Can't Fix Stupid and the Tony Danza Slap. The Merry Teabaggers (the aforementioned ex-Nutsacks) copped the seventh place spot and are going with Uranus and/or Your Anus as their theme for next week.
Presenting the bronze medal-winning Harold and Maude Has Nothing to Do with the Oil Lobbyists, but Rocks and Minerals Do.

Avoid At All Costs

I saw the new Shia LaBeouf flick "Eagle Eye" yesterday and almost walked out of the theater several times at its preposterousness (is that a word?). You've heard of "suspension of disbelief?" My disbelief was cryogenically frozen, encased in amber and entombed for a thousand years. Ugh. Thankfully I used a free ticket that came with a DVD of the John Travolta/Nicholas Cage classic "Face/Off." Now there's a believable film! :-)

Good Evening! - Halloween Feast

The Count would like to invite you a spookishly good time at Bube's Halloween Feast which is held weekends in October in the Catacombs. Sam Allen, the owner of Bube's (and a good friend of the Count) gave me feast tickets as a birthday present, so I used them on Friday. I had heard about the feasts for years, but this was my first experience. It was a truly entertainig night and I highly recommend it. And we capped the night off by listening to a stellar performance by Josh Longo's band, Flatbed Ford in the Bottling Works.