Wednesday, March 29, 2006

VFW: Who the Heck Is Kevin Smith?

Team Lame, who came in fifth last week, chose a theme (Kevin Smith movies) that left many VFWers scratching their heads. But it was a good choice for the Lame-Os, since they came in second, only losing by one point to the Posse (who this week were aided by Bob and Kirk). Mark's choice of Cubs trivia also propelled his one-man team to fifth place. Room 2 came in third and the D&M team placed fourth. Thanks to Cal for fixing my iPod, by the way. And welcome aboard to the BGJKM team, whose name just rolls of the tongue.

Next week's themes: Steve McQueen movies and the Civil War.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bube's: Gator Eat Gator Trivia

Since Captain Jack was getting a little rusty (who knew that plastic could rust?), I found a replacement, his steroid-enhanced cousin (to be named later). He has less teeth, so the tie-breakers should go faster. In fact, Ellen found out when the Olives quickly lost to the Tornadoes and had to settle for fourth. Congrats to the Tornadoes for making the champions' circle in just their second try.

Congrats also to the Flaming Moe-rons, who led all night but stumbled in the fourth to be waylaid by the Fool Monkey Is Unimpressed by Bush Playing the Card Card team. Our sympathies to Joanne, AKA Up In the Balcony I Sit, A Lone Nutsack Without Any Nuts team and the not-so-aptly named Can We Just Go Ahead and Pick a Topic Next Week team.

Also, welcome to the Schniedewutz's team (they say that their name would make any woman happy); Happy Birthday to Ellen, who brought along her real and faux sisters and congrats to Missy Rhoads who left her honeymoon to join us.

Next week's themes: real names of celebrities and the Simpsons.
Sam, in town to celebrate the deClarkifying of Missy, shares a pint with Mrs. Rhoads.
Birthday Girl Ellen, flanked by sister Susan and pseudosister Laura

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

VFW: Cannabis Lecter?

That's a pic of Tommy Chong at the right. Four teams mistook Tommy for Sir Anthony Hopkins in the dreaded Picture Round. It must be his eyes. This week we welcomed back the STaR team, who had been on hiatus. Janie's team returned from their Caribbean getaway, tanned and exhausted. Nick lucked out and scored two boxes of Dots. Dennis and I had a major difference of opinion of Chili-Cheese Pringles, which ended up in the the trash (briefly). Team Lame was doing well until the fourth round, which killed many a noble team. When the dust settled, it was Room Two at the top, followed by We're Here for the Beer and the B52s, who finally got out of fourth. The aforementioned Team Lame came in fourth and the Misfits and Chicks and Dicks tied for fifth. Their themes: Chicago Cubs, Kevin Smith movies and Harry Potter.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bube's: Bodacious Battle

It was an evening of bogus shocks and excellent surprises when two teams that have been recent regular attendees finally made the winner's circle. The Bookends and friends kicked trivia butt on the last round, only missing one question. 13 points behind was the appropriately-named Let Us Win Goddammitt team, followed closely by the still-hot Nutsacks. Brent's exhaustive knowledge of Saved By the Bell took the Wise Men to fourth (again) and the Olives welcomed back the Bears as they tied for fifth. MJ and her Tornadoes spent all their energy on the first three rounds, not expecting a fourth. The Unit Two Meltdown crew were joined by their youngest sibling, the pirate from Dodgeball. Next week's themes (there are 3 of them): French words, the city of Venice and Family Matters.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Themes for this week

Sorry for the commando post, but I'm pressed for time.

Themes for Bube's: Bill and Ted; Saved by the Bell.
Themes for the VFW: The Amazing Race; That 70s Show.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

As The Trivia Turns

Annie was so happy that she got to choose One Life to Live as a theme that she actually stayed the entire game. But it was Room 2's night, as they racked up an impressive 80 points. The Posse (with special guest Colette) once again took second, despite the presence of Ted :-) Mark and Sheila brought along some extra family power and took third. We're Here for the Beer took over the B52s' favaorite spot, and chose Denzel Washington movies as their theme, followed by Chicks and Dicks with Eagles songs (and I don't mean E!A!G!L!E!S!)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's Pressure-treated Lumber, And It's OK

Well. it certainly was one of the strangest themes ever, but everyone did surprisingly well with the pressure-treated questions. Doing best was We're Sure Glad that Crash Won for Best Picture Instead of Nutsack Mountain. The Flaming Moe-rons made a rare Bube's visit and took second, with TDC third. The Stonecutters took fourth and chose the assassination of Abraham Lincoln as their theme. The I (Heart) Lumber team chose the XFL as their theme. They also had a smack-talking team name-calling with the Brent Hughes Wishes He Was Richard Gere's Hamster team that got worse as the night progressed.

Thanks again to Ellen's taxi service. I finally got my car back from the shop, so I should be able to make it to the Salvation Army for some more traditional Trashbag of Deelite gifts.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lititz VFW

The big news this week was the earlier start time of 7 P.M., which proved to be a boon to the Chicks and Dicks team, who had their first victory in a while. It must have confused the Posse, since only Frank and Regina showed up. But there was a silver lining since they placed second! Room 2 claimed third and the B52s were in their comfort zone of fourth place (they chose cars as their theme). Boot, Scoot and Annie took fifth and chose "One Life to Live" as their theme (Guess which member of their team picked it). We welcomed Sarah's replacement Shannon and we all wondered exactly what Tom gave up for Lent. Also: thanks to Steve for his taxi service.