Friday, April 29, 2005

A Cure for Insomnia

whyamiatwork, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Well, my day job has temporarily become my night job, since the library is currently open 24 hours during finals week, and I'm working midnight to 8 A.M. If you're trying to stay awake during an all-nighter, I do not recommend doing a google image search on "yawn."

Thursday, April 28, 2005

And now, this editorial...

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Hi, My name is Floyd R. Turbo, and I object to the content of this blog.

Lititz VFW

Bob and Sue and a returning Sheila (Floyd R. Turbo's main squeeze) joined the B52s and helped them to get second place for the second week in a row. Carl joined Mark and Sheila (no, not that Sheila, the other one) to make a new threesome. Room 2 put out and APB for Jerry, who picked Penn State Football as a theme and then did not show up. The Tedless Posse managed third and We're Here for the Beer did their patented fourth-round comeback to win. Their farm team, Just Here, led the night, but were up the Tiber without a paddle in the end. So we called it a night and then all enjoyed a big bowl of Texas butter.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bubes Brewery

Tuesday night saw the return of Out of the Vortex to Bubes Brewery. Keith and Marge were joined by trash-talking Billy Warmth, who made good on his prediction to beat their arch-rivals The Toxic Olives. Josh's Ubersmack team had their best showing yet, tying for second with Team Discovery Channel. The Nutsacks returned after a short absence only to find that their trivia muscles had atrophied a little. Team Porsche did exceptionally well, considering they missed the first round. But it was the comeback kids Tig Ole Bitties that provided the night's drama, with a big charge to win at the end. On the Trashbag of Deelite front, Seth instructed Missy to always go for the shirt of the week. This week it was the much-coveted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt, complete with slight trivia-host smell (ewww...) And Dave was dee-lited to get a mound of plastic dog poo (again I say ewww...)

P.S. Vortex chose The West Wing and Dead Bear Baby chose The Chapelle Show (Season 1) as next week's mini-themes.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Watch out, Harry Potter!

wontget, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

The sure-to-be-bestseller "Won't Get Fooled Again" by chanteuse/trivia-player Colette Shaw is finally available. Go to and place your order. (Well, what are you waiting for? Get clicking!)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lititz VFW

The story of the evening was rising stars and falling stars. Throughout the night it was a face-off between the Posse and the extra-lite version of Major Hooters (Welcome back, Mark and Sheila). But both teams did a spectacular crash and burn in the fourth round, allowing We're Here for the Beer to take first, narrowly beating 3 Chicks and "2" Dicks by a mere three points. The legal eagle duo of Clyde and Jerry (AKA Room 2) got the gold star for most improved team, as they had the best score of the fourth. They picked Penn State football and folk rock as next week's mini-themes. It should be pointed out to the absent Sheila that Leslie and Dennis had their highest placing in recent memory. And we'll have to wait and see if Skip bakes anything with those butterscotch chips that he won. Also: thanks to Annie and the Yard Apes for sticking around for the show.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Team Discovery Channel

tdc, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

TDC's third round comeback and Travis' gaming skills put them in this week's winning circle.

The World's Smartest Man

adam, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Adam tells Shannon that the Bears came in second after Jason lost to Travis in the first-place Don't Break the Ice tie-breaker.

Johnny and the Pipettes

pipettes, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Johnny tied with the Fool Velveteen Monkey for third, one of their best showings ever.


ubersmack, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Ubersmack managed to nab fourth, and picked German geography and the Joe Schmo Show (Season One) as their mini-themes for next week. Everybody, start your googling!

Where's my prize?

outsiders, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

The Outsiders are big fans of Round One.

Not so Crabby

crabs, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Helen and Traci had a fun time, despite the fact that ticket number 967 was never drawn.

To post or not to post?

cassie, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Cassie makes a new friend.

Table 1

dairy1, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

A huge gang of Dairy Concept/Fontera people, half of which spoke with a vaguely Australian accent, took over the front room tonight.

Table 2

dairy4, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Yet another table full of Fonteras.

Table 3

dairy2, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

This was the champion team of the entire Dairy Concepts group. Known as the Sharks, they did extremely well until the killer fourth round.

And the round table makes 4

dairy3, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Curtis at Alois

Herein and Forthwith (a popular couple, right up there with Alas and Alack), you will find team photos for Earth Day 2005, the annual pilgrimage of Curtis Earth back to his original trivia roots in Lancaster County, PA. Mosey on over to Curtis' blog later on for some more coverage of this fun-filled night.

Your cruise director

monalois, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Hi, my name is Julie. Welcome aboard the Bubes' Boat. Enjoy your voyage, and may I recommend the pasta?

And I'm Isaac (not)

curtbehindbar, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Kyle, our esteemed bartender, bears a striking resemblance to a certain trivia host, don't you think?

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Wait a minute!

kyleoncleanup, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Hey! This is the real Kyle! So how'd that other guy get behind the bar? Someone stop that man!

If I Had A Hundred Dollars

vortexalois, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Out of the Vortex was the evening's champions, winning a cool tenth of a grand, and $20 gift certificates for each team member. Congrats to Scott, Bob, Keith, Billy and Michelle!

Three points shy of first place

brablock, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

It was a reunion of sorts for the silver-medal winning Brablock team, with John (that's his forehead in the pic) and Laurel Lee from upstate PA joining Mark and trivia virgin Cindy, Fritz and Lori Jo, and Herr Weave.

Who's behind those Foster Grants?

amoebas, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Jay and John do their worst Jake and Elwood impersonations as Lauren wonders why she chose to spend her birthday with such characters. It was a profitable night, however, for the Lethal Amoebas, as they took third place.

Say "Provolone!"

babaganoosh, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Brablock, the Next Generation, AKA Nothing But Babaganoosh all got leied.

Great Big Bulging Nutsack

nutsacks, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

The Nutsacks were at full strength and everyone was happy that Andy found enough cash to imbibe.

An Army of Six

army, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Basketball star Bill Walton's lesser known brother Jack is about to prove that he can palm Doug's head.

No wonder they're parched

parched, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

The Team Formerly Known As the Parched Monkeys anxiously await a refill.

No such thing as bad press

seeber, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Kathy's wondering about Steve's Serpico connection.

Curb Your Enthusiasm? I think not!

dbbiaj, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

The Dead Bear Baby in a Jar team is excited by Jason's fashion statement as he daringly transformed his beads into a hat.

Is it dark in here, or is it just me?

olives, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

My apologies to the Toxic Olives for this crummily (crumbily?)-lit shot.

May I see your reservation?

shuttlecocks, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Brent, Keith and the rest of the procrastinating Shuttle Cocks team were exiled to the bar, but you won't hear them complaining (it's a lot less walking and stumbling to do).

All My Scharnbergers

foolmonkey, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

John loved trivia so much that he paid twice. And, in this candid shot of the Fool Monkey team, we see that he loved Bethena so much that he had her surgically attached to his armpit.

Friday, April 08, 2005

He's almost here!

waitingforcurtis, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Twas the day before Curtis
And all throughout Bubes
All the trivia teams
(Both old vets and newbies)
Anxiously awaited
The Alois bash
And the chance to earn
A hundred bucks cash!

Details are available here.

I want my bloggage, by gum!

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Wash Me!

lookinthetunk, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

I have a whole series of photos like this from last year when the street in front of Bube's was torn up and cars got a complimentary paint job with every meal. I invited the teams to display their artistic side. Here we see a masterpiece from the Tesla Death Rays. More to come...

Friday, April 01, 2005

Frank, we hardly knew ye

toughman, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Let us bow our beaks at the passing of such a fowl person.