Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Here's my first ever carved pumpkin, done this weekend. (I also had my first corndog this weekend at Millersville's homecoming, so it was an exciting time.) Dressed as Professor Plum (see below) and was one half of Green Eggs and Ham (pic to come). And today it's Happy Hawaiieen, so I got to dress down. All in all, a good Halloween week.

And thanks to the scariest trivia host of all, Chris Ivey for volunteering to substitute. We're back to whatever passes for normal this week. At Bubes, the themes are Laguna Beach and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, two shows of which I know nothing about (FYI: I'm going to limit the themes from here on out so that they should come from two different genres; ie, you can't pick two movie categories or two TV shows -- just for variety's sake); at the VFW it is the pre-picked original Godfather and human sexuality.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Get a Clue!

What do you do when you have a week off from trivia hosting? Why, you become a trivia player, of course. I went to two of Billy Warmth's shows, including his annual Halloween game at Celi's Clubhouse. This is the sixth year that a group of friends and I dressed up as unit. This year we were the suspects from the board game Clue. We won the grand prize for best costume! Woo-hoo!

Counterclockwise from bottom left we have: Professor Plum (me) with the wrench, Mr. Green (Fritz) with the lead pipe, Colonel Mustard (Chris) with the knife, Mrs. White (Lisa) with the revolver, Mrs. Peacock (Sue) with the candlestick and Miss Scarlet (Colette) with the enormous white corded thing.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Chris Ivey's favorite holiday...

.. is Halloween (go figure). Therefore, Chris will be guest-hosting both the Bubes and VFW shows this week. And the themes for Bube's are current events and Halloween, of all things.

Benefit Dance for Hurricane Katrina victims

Frank of the We're Here for the Beer team informed me of this worthwhile event that you might want to attend:

Benefit Dance for victims of Hurricane Katrina
, featuring DJ Soundwaves

Saturday, November 5th
8 P.M. to midnight
St. James Parish Hall, Lititz
$20 per person

Benefits Catholic Charities and the American Red Cross

Refreshments, snacks and door prizes

Sponsored by the St. James Mens Club and the Knights of Columbus

Contact Maryann Ambs at 627-1161 or Lisa Sharp at 626-8231

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lititz VFW Oct. 18th

The Foreplayers will be sorely missed as they return to the Newmanstown area for the season (snowbirds of a sort). They always enjoy themselves and are a blast to have as contestants. See you in April!

PS: Themes for next week's Halloween show with guest host Chris Ivey are spelling and collegiate team nicknames (as chosen by Room 2; due to a scoring malfunction -- I have to fire the scorekeeper -- Room 2 were the actual 4th placers; Nix Lix will choose the following week's themes).
The B52s enjoy their spot in the corner.
Carmen and Erma do a little dancing between rounds.

Bubes: Themes, We Got Themes

Okay, once again I've been a bad blogger. Bube's themes this week are Notre Dame football and European countries, as chosen by the Wise Men. They tied with the Nutsacks for third but lost the Captain Jack Off contest, the Olives had their best showing in many a moon, taking second and Team Discovery Channel (Boooooo..., I mean yay!) took first.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Theme for VFW Oct. 12th show

This just in: it's 70s sitcoms and presidents. And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lititz VFW

It was a night of two terrific victories as the Ginny-less Chicks and Dicks team almost aced the last round and had a record 90 point victory. And another record was shattered when the Foreplayers had solo command of the first round. (We won't talk about their fourth round). A duo, Big Foot's Toe took second, followed by Room Two. And in fourth, for the second week, was We're Here for the Beer. Their themes have yet to be determined, so stay tuned to this spot.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bube's Brewery

I don't have my notes, so I'll have to rely on my memory. (Now that's a scary thought). Let's see... I remember that Team Disocvery Channel came from behind in the fourth to take first place. Second place went to a trio of ladies called the Bartenders. They arrived late, but kicked trivia butt. They also promised to come every week if they got first place. (So maybe, they'll come every other week?). The Homegrown Stoners, with Goombah Cathy and a special non-musical appearance by Damion Wolfe took third. Bill and Marge once again took fourth place, but graciously deferred the theme picks to another team, who chose the US Navy and railroads as next week's picks. Bill's Tuesday show is once again starting up, so we have to say thank you and farewell to the Out of the Vortex team.