Friday, January 27, 2006

Lititz VFW

It was a fun night of nostalgia as we took a trip down memory lane with vintage TV commercials and Heidi Doody's brother Howdy. On the competition front, it's a rare night when the top spot goes to ones of the non-regulars, but that's what happened this week when Team Lame took the crown. They were third in the second, second in the third and first in the fourth (try saying that ten times fast). They beat the Posse, which have slowly been building up steam and the Cunning Linguist, who were going for their third in a row. The B52s wound up in their favorite spot, fourth, along with Room 2. They chose cars and tools as next week's themes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Is Your Cat Prepared?

You can find out how to make one of these helmets here. (Link courtesy of

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bube's Brewery

It was a trivia rumble as the rival gangs tested their knowledge of West Side Story and nuts (of the tree kind). It was also the closest finish ever, as seven teams were all within one 5-point question for the lead! In the end, TDC bested The Fool Monkey in a Captain Jack-off for the win, The Bears came from out of nowhere to take third, and the Olives settled once again for fourth. They chose as next week's themes Canada and Wendy's fast food.

Final results:

  • 77 points - Team Discovery Channel

  • 77 points - The Fool Monkey

  • 76 points - Dead Bear Baby In A Jar

  • 75 points - The Toxic Olives

  • 74 points - The Nutsacks

  • 73 points - The Tesla Death Rays

  • 72 points - Ubersmack

We also celebrated Bartendin' Bruce's birthday (even though he had to work) and dyed-in-blue-wool-Mets-fan Deric was appalled to pick a "Mets Suck" t-shirt from the Trashbag (coincidence? I think not). Laura, meanwhile, will hoard her Siegfried and Roy t-shirt until the value goes up on eBay.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

What If D'Artagnan and Daniel Boone Had Mated?

Here's a pic of me in what is supposed to be a colonial frontier costume. Fifty three naugas had to die to make that coat. It was all part of F&M's celebration of Ben Franklin's 300th birthday, which was a day-long event on campus. I volunteered to marshall (hah!) 50 third and fourth graders around to six different sites around a miniature version of colonial Williamsburg. There were 2,300 kids on campus that day, so there were many logjams. But the kids had a great time (and nothing impresses an 8 year old more than gunpowder explosions).

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Litiz VFW

Anybody remember Gail Storm? If you did, you would have done well Wednesday night as we travelled back to the fifties. The We're Here for the Beer farm team, the Cunning Linguist, had a disastrous picture round, but pulled it together on a brutal fourth round to beat Chicks and Dicks by two questions. Room 2 took third and the Posse took fourth, choosing classic TV commercials and Howdy Dowdy as next week's themes. The B52s were leading until the last round, but I'm not allowed to mention that. Instead, John wants me to point out that Sheila can now spanky the monkey at home. (Hey, I just write what I'm told to write). Meanwhile, Dennis and Melanie want more maps in the picture round and Nick wants to, once again, put a curse on me after that last round.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bube's Brewery

Team ID-IO-TS went back to Callyfornia, so they weren't around to hear their Star Wars questions. Ubersmack's car was broken into at their home, so they couldn't make it. And the Nutsacks were only represented by their right half, so they had an off night. But we all had fun nonetheless. Special thanks to Tim for his gift of a Captain Jack keychain/laser pointer. Visiting author DDD didn't do well, despite the fact that one of the questions was taken directly from his book "50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet" (nice website, btw). But Team Discovery Channel did very well, followed by What Happens In Bubes Stays In Bubes and the Tesla Death Rays. The Toxic Olives took fourth and chose West Side Story and nuts as next week's themes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lititz VFW

The high point (low point?) of tonight's action was the tie for third between the B52s and Room Two. It was Sheila and Cindy vs. Clyde and Kim answering questions from a Trivial Pursuit card (and you thought my questions were tough!). It looked like Kim's Australianess would prove key when there was a Down Under question, but the ladies' love of Andy Roddick proved key. Therefore, Room Two got to choose "50s music" and "spelling" as next week's themes. Chicks and Dicks' knowledge of Harry Potter gave them second place. And a newly formed team of seasoned players known as "The Cunning Linguist" took first.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bube's Brewery

It was the Nutsacks all the way (or technically, it was "And You Will Know That I Am the Lord When I Lay My Nutsack Upon Thee) as they led all four rounds. The Toxic Olives, still on a roll, took second. A new team helped by some visiting Californians known as Team ID-IO-TS tied with the Death Rays for third, but were felled by Captain Jack (who's getting alittle long in the tooth...). So they chose Star Wars and college football for next week's themes, (bolded for Alex's failing eyesight) even though they cannot attend. The Mighty Unicorns Featuring The Ageless Emily left before we could sing to her. Trashbag items included some spoon-straws, seahorse bath buddies and a zebra hat for your computer monitor (at least that's what I think it was.)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lordy, Lordy, Haggit's 40!

Happy 40th birthday to Craig Haggit, founding member of the Holy Hand Grenades and key player in the Moon Pies and Juggle This! He once laughed while teammate Mat-t was in the middle of a stare-off, causing Mat-t to "falter spectacularly," thus earning him the nickname "Damnthat Haggit." And now, he's halfway to 80!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lititz VFW

People should have worn their legwarmers and Members Only Jackets, because it was 80s night at the trivia show (much to the chagrin of the visiting Foreplayers). It was also a sports-free night, since I figured most of the sports nuts would be home watching the Texas-USC game. But there was a crowd nonetheless. Room 2 made it two in a row, The Posse made second and the B52s finally arose from their perennial fourth place to take third. In their place was the Chicks and Dicks, who chose Harry Potter and the King of Queens as next weeks themes.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

This was one of the prizes from the Trashbag of Deelite last night, won by the non-Republican Lisa. Imagine my horror this morning when I found him attached to my antenna. That means that poor Dumbo flew down 283 from Mount Joy to my home in Lancaster. (It also means that I'm not very observant)

Next Week's Themes for Bubes

As chosen by Team Discovery Channel: Zodiac signs and Pulp Fiction.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bube's Brewery

The Penn State bowl game may have kept people away, but it didn't prevent Missy from watching J's tiny TV at the end of the bar (not sure if she stayed for all the overtimes, though). We celebrated the other Missy's birthday (or is the first Missy the other Missy?), along with Lori from a team whose name is unsuitable for publication (let's just say it rhymes with Bus Inspected Bum Troubles). Bill and Marge of the legendary Out of the Vortex team made good on their smack talking, beating TDC and Dead Bear Baby, and placed third. Charles of the Fool Monkey had his boy scout badge removed and placed second. And for the first time in a loooong while, the Toxic Olives took first.

Trashbag prizes included a bag of spinach, the world's worst Swiss Army knife, a punk snowman kit and a stuffed elephant (see above).

Also, I literally ate my words as I consumed that awful question from last week about the first city of the first state. Thanks to everyone who sent me info on that unfortunate question. Let us never speak of that again.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Themes for this week

For Bubes: duets and mollusks.
For the VFW: '80s music and automobiles.

(how's that for no-frills blogging?)