Wednesday, October 31, 2007

VFW: Mini-Review

Notes for this show are AWOL, but I do recall that it was a light night, since many teams had Halloween candy distribution duty. Davey and Bill of Porker 69 came in 7th and chose "ice fishing" as their theme for next week. Chicks and Dicks came in third and there was a tie between Room Two and We're No Biscuits, with the cash-hungry Biscuits opting for second. And Alice i Wonderland came up with a new team name, the Biotches.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bube's: Clams Have Legs!*

Congrats to the Drunken Clams, with their first place victory! Also, apologies to the Clam on the left that I cut in half with my sucky cell-phone camera. Tonight's pre-Halloween bash was lots of fun, with the Clams taking home their first gold medal. Andy and Missy sold their children for Led Zeppelin tickets, so they were free to join their old TDC pals. We celebrated nephew Steve of the Hornmark Originals team's birthday and they proved that there is no such thing as nepotism. I managed to stump They Did the Mash, the Nutsack Mash team on two baseball questions. Desperados Under the Eaves took home a Frogger console game. And the $2 Jet Rides to David Copperfield's Compound managed to get seventh, so they chose "genetics" as their theme for next week.

* That's a reference to the B.C. strip, for all you comics fans.
The Boner Queens were the only ones to show up in costumes (At least I hope they were costumes!)
Spider-Pig has been on a roll lately. They took third! And, more importantly, they won the Tito Puente memorial t-shirt.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Ruger is showing how I felt after this weekend. Some friends were having health issues, another friend lost his sister to cancer and Aunt Julia passed away. Even though there were tragic circumstances, it was good to see the extended family again. Dad's side discontinued their annual family reunions a while back, so the only time we get together now is for weddings and funerals.

This week should be much better!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chuckles: Playing Quarters

Tonight was U.S. Currency night at Chuckles, featuring a massive exercise in Photoshopping, with 20 blanked-out state quarters. Mary Jo of Laffy Taffy liked it so much that she wants to use it for her psych class. On the action front, Ubersmack called out the first-place Barnstormers for cell phone abuse, while KCC called me out for not recognizing the Continental Congress as the signers of the Declaration (thus costing them third place.) Instead, there was a tie between the Amoebas and Ubersmack for third, so it was Lorraine vs. Kelly, with Kelly going down in flames. The Price Is Right, meanwhile took second. The aforementioned KCC were relegated to a tie for seventh, but the Talent Scouts gave up their choice, so we have one theme: World War 2 (it had been the Brady Bunch, but that's been changed since Cori can't attend). We Can Win ... With Tickets were true to their name, while a very-married Jay Barry copped the strangest prize: a Grow Your Own Girlfriend. He was last seen in the parking lot trying to disprove that she will grow 600 times her original size.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

VFW: Attack of the Zombies

It's always exciting at the VFW when a new team cracks one of the top five spots. Here's a pic of the Zombies, who took second place on only their third attempt! They leaped from third to first in the last round, but they couldn't stop the hard-charging, former RCA employees known as the B52s. Mixed Company took third and Room Two took fourth, while Shitz and Giggles plummeted from first to a tie for fifth. They shared those honors with Janie and Sue. That meant that Prius took seventh, with Greg choosing Egypt and hieroglyphics as their theme.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bube's: Take an Olive Every 14 Days

The Toxic Olives are starting to make this a habit. They can only attend every other week, so this week they scored an unofficial turkey, by taking home the gold for their third time in a row! They squeaked by Spider pig by one question. The $2 Crack Whores crossed out several right answers, which cost them. But they still managed third. The Drunken Clams led most of the night, but ended up fourth. The Tony Danza Slap finally broke their second-or-seventh curse and took fifth. The Wise Men and Their Wiser Women were sixth, and we had a tie for seventh between Team Discovery Channel (theme: World War II) and Tuaca (theme: the Napa Valley, where Ruth will soon be vacationing).
Spider Pig keeps getting better and better, taking home the silver tonight. Here's a nice pic of the team displaying all their prizes.
An unidentified $2 Crack Whore helps her team celebrate their third place finish by peeing on demand.
Kumiko and I debated who had the better t-shirt: the Transfarmers or Raccoon Mario.
Ivan and another unidentified $2 Crack Whore discuss genetics and shuttle mechanics with Phil, the Lone Tesla Death Ray after the show.
Ellen and her Ninja Barbie from the Trashbag of Deelite. (Ellen is the one on the right)

The Lengths Trish'll Go to Play Trivia!

Trish of the VFW's Third Rock wins the award for traveling the farthest to play trivia. While vacationing in Kissimmee, Florida, Trish checked out founding father (and former Lititzian) Curtis Earth's Cheers show. I'll have to get her review when she returns to Lititz.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Themes for This Week

Thanks the always-entertaining Chris Ivey for filling in while I was on vacation!

Here are some themes and scores:

Bubes Brew:

Theme: TV Show Friends
1st: Jelly Roll Mortons-71 points
2nd: Team Discovery Channel-68 points
3rd: Flaming Moe-Rons-66 points
7th: R2D2 Reacharound


Theme: Flowers
1st: Shitz, Giggles, and Friends-79 points
2nd: Mixed Complany-75 points
3rd: Prius-74 points
7th: Alice in Wonderland


Theme: U.S. Currency
1st-Ubersmack 67 points
2nd-Price is Right 63 Points
3rd-Tie Between Lethal Amoebas and KKCN both with 58 points
We played a hand of blackjack to break the tie. Both teams had a "20" so we
played a second hand and KKCN won taking third.
7th: The Three Amigos

Monday, October 15, 2007

Reminder: Bube's Radio Show this Friday!

We had our tech rehearsal for the Bube's radio show this weekend, and everything went well. The lunch crowd probably got way more than they bargained for!

Hopefully I'll see some of you folks this Friday night (October 19th) at 10 P.M. at Bube's for some raunchy radio comedy. I have a few lines in the first half and my song and the Mr. Burns role comes in the second. The first half is mainly comedy commercials, by the way. Also, Market Street is finally opened, so you can approach Bube's the normal way.

Note: there's a $5 cover for this event.

Gamers seeking tourney site

When I worked the Young family reunion, I met Jason Eshbach of LAGamerz. They are a group of 40 or so gamers from the Lancaster area that are looking for a new venue to host their weekly tournaments. They provide all their own equipment. If you know of any leads, please contact Jason at, or check out their website

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chuckles: Pass the Cannoli

Deric the Miserable, Boogie Woogie and Kelly, Mistress of the True or False celebrate their resounding victory of 92 points. Most of the pack were in the 70s, including the cannoli-loving Price Is So Right (2nd place) and the Dorito-hating Out of the Vortex. The Talent Scouts, Tidy Bowlers and Skirtland were right behind, followed by the seventh-place Lethal Amoebas, who chose "disco" as their theme.
Chris admires Jay's new Richard Petty (not to be confused with Tom Petty) shirt that Jay pulled from the Trashbag of Deelite.
I wish I had my notes, because I can't recall this new team's name. It was Three Something and a Something (now, that's helpful). Anyway, one of the teammates won a basketball head (a companion piece to last week's baseball head)
And here's the other half of the team, enjoying his new look.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

VFW: Let's Get Frivolous

Bill of the B52s claimed that Captain Jack the Tie-Breaking Alligator ruined his fingers and that he was going to sue, but here we have documented proof that he can still use them. Bill fell to Skip IV of Chicks and Dicks in their tie for third. Mixed Company tried to stage a coup in the last round, but couldn't catch up to Room Two, who led all night. Kathy and Sue had a great night, even though they failed to crack the top 7. Speaking of 7, that's where the brithday-cake fortified Foreplayers ended up, so they chose "American authors" as their theme. Gary, Bri and Cass, meanwhile, are looking forward to their ringers returning next week from Italy and Dennis is looking forward to more skunk questions.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bube's: The Glow of Victory

The Toxic Olives bask in the black-light glow of victory, rising from fourth to first. The Tesla Death Rays made an even bigger leap, from ninth to second. Team Discovery Channel was once again third, followed by One Nutsack to Rule Them All, the Bushwackers and the Wise Men. Last week's winners, The $2 Teabags were excited to get to pick a theme, so they went with Star Wars. Birthday boy Justin of the Angry Inch had to settle for a Steve Reeves gladiator movie while Spider Pig got glow-in-the-dark green hair extensions.
Laura and Seth rock on after hours.
The Contenders were a fun and vocal crew up on the balcony. Thanks for the Guinness!
Ruth and Blake want everybody to remember that they had a perfect first round (We won't mention the other three).
Tourists Chris and Lindsay liked trivia so much that they want to import it to the bars of upstate New York.

Jo and Kristie laugh at my photography skills. Kristie's wearing her pick from the Trashbag of Deelite: the Shirt of the Week!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chuckles: The Boys (and Girls) of October

Jay's head hurt so much from boy band trivia that he needed stitches. The Price Is Right, however, liked it that way and took home the top prize. Lil Bar, a brand new team, came in second, followed by Amangeric, who had their best night ever. Skirtland was close on their heels, followed by the Talent Scouts (just Color Them Badd). Tim and Kelly were hoping for seventh, but succeeded despite themselves and took sixth. That meant the Tidy Bowlers got to be lucky seventh (see below for their theme choice).
Hopefully we'll get to see Lil Bar team again. These transplanted New Yorkers were virgin trivia players and managed to get second place their first time out.
Cory of the Tidy Bowlers is getting in the holiday spirit by wearing her leopard costume from the Trashbag of Deelite. In fact, the seventh-place Bowlers chose "Halloween" as next week's theme!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

To Be Young Again

I hosted a trivia show for the second year in a row at the Young Family reunion at Overly's Grove Park south of New Holland. I had the brilliant idea of avoiding the New Holland Fair traffic by taking the back way down Route 340. Of course, I forgot that it was Columbus Day Weekend, which is the last official weekend of Amish tourist season. Traffic was at a virtual standstill with touristas gawking at every straw hat they saw.

Luckily the Youngs are a leisurely sort, so the game started on time. It looked like Penn State and the Witwebachs were neck and neck, but the defending champs, the Bradford County Connection (Minus 2) managed a last-round comeback. That's Dale and Darren (I think) above celebrating their pre-noogie victory. Thanks to the flirtatious Deb for having me back!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Curtis!

Curtis Earth, the godfather of Trivia and wearer of Silly Hats, is celebrating his birthday today, so if you see him, please pull his ears for me.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

VFW: Gators Rule!

Only one question separated the top four teams tonight, and Captain Jack had to be employed to settle a tie for 3rd. So The B52s flew Charlie in from Florida, but he was no match for the swift fingers of Jeannette. The Foreplayers, who have been on a roll lately, placed second, only two points behind Mixed Company. Thanks again to the Company's Amy, who brought in delicious strawberry cupcakes that she made from a mix from the Trashbag of Deelite. Shitz and Giggles were fifth and Dennis and Mel were sixth. Chicks and Dicks settled for seventh and chose Country Music From 1950 to the Present as their theme.

Come See Me On Stage!

I just sent this out to my mailing list:

And now for something completely different, that has nothing to do with trivia:

I'm involved with a comedy group called the Not Ready for Drive Time Players. We put on staged radio play readings at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg that are raunchy satires of beloved holiday classics.

This year, we're coming closer to home and doing a show at Bube's Brewery on Friday night, October 19th at 10 P.M.!

We'll be doing two Halloween satires, "Night of the Living Dead Heads" and "You're a Queer Man, Charlie Brown," with comic commercials interspersed. It's intended for mature audiences only, so please leave the kids at home (it's past their bedtimes, anyway).

More importantly, it features me singing and doing a classic Mr. Burns impersonation! (If that doesn't get you there, I don't know what will.)

There's a $5 cover charge, since we're hoping to raise funds to purchase our own sound equipment.

Special thanks to owner (and old-time radio fan) Sam Allen for opening up Bube's stage for us. I hope to see you all there for a truly one-of-a-kind theatrical experience!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bube's: Jobs Done Cheap

A brand new team, The $2 Tug Jobs, celebrate their victory at Bube's. And, they'll be back! They beat the happily-to-be-doomed-to-second-place Tony Danza Slap, who were one question ahead of Team Discovery Channel. The Shrimpers rallied in the last round, but it wasn't enough. Bob of the B Minus K Express beat Karen (AKA "K") of the Tesla Death Rays for fifth and sixth.

Also, it theoretically should be the last week with Market Street being ripped up, so no more back-door shenanigans next week.
Spider Pig ascended to the heavens and placed seventh. Since I rejected their request for Elizabethtown junior high soccer, they settled on "anatomy" as next week's theme.

The Shaving Beauties were happy to have Nona back.
Earth Trivia: questions that make you go "Hmmmmmmmm?"