Thursday, February 28, 2008

Player Mailbag

Sue of the Twin Roses sent me this nice pic of her teammates Dawn and Trish celebrating third place at Cafe Chuckles.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

VFW: Bentbird on the Rise

Ryan, Chris and Brigid (AKA Bentbird) had their Best Week Ever, only one question behind the first place Chicks and Dicks. They tied with the B52s, but Sheila quickly got chomped by Captain Jack. (She just as quickly threatened to sue). Fourth place went to H2W, who had been hoping for a three-peat. Room Two was fifth and those two crazy Italians, D&M were sixth. Shitz and Giggles and Friends Featuring "I'm Just Here for the Camaraderie" Tina placed seventh, but since they can't make it next week, they gave their choice to Nix Lix and Nat. Tom chose the Eagles, which made Dee nauseous.
Cassandra, Jason, Matt and Amy show their acting range, bummed that they did not win three weeks in a row.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bube's: Behold the Power of Sugar

The Tony Danza Slap had a most excellent night, an incredible 21 points ahead. They also won a box of Kaboom cereal and circus peanuts, which they morphed into a new treat: Kaboomallows. Bella Morte Is Playing Here March 7th (aka Shannon's team) came in second and would like you to know that Bella Morte is playing here March 7.
Keith, Brad and Patty did really well, placing third. Brent was missing. Coincidence?
The One-Eyed Wonder Weasel and His Two Balls were shooting for seventh, but fell to eighth. Luckily for them, Kristy of the 7th place Nachos Grande took their suggestion and chose Emilio Estevez as next week's theme.
Justin (and Stephanie) hung around later and picked up the remains of the Slap's Kaboom, rekindling fond childhood memories of eating his favorite cereal while drinking Guinness.
Turk Turkelson won Barney from the Trashbag of Deelite and quickly turned him into an alcoholic.
Our Win A Date With Deric Contest continued. Tonight's lucky winner was a can of Cajun Vienna Sausage. The can had a good time, but is moving on to a relationship with Tim.

A Wild Kingdom Moment by Mutual of F&M

Here's a recent pic from outside my window at work. A giant hawk was standing guard as its mate (not pictured) went to town tearing apart a squirrel carcass.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chuckles: The Scouts Have New Talent

Welcome aboard Kylie Elizabeth, the littlest Talent Scout of them all! And congrats to new parents Kristen and Eric! Kristen couldn't make it to trivia tonight, seeing as how she had just given birth in the morning (so we'll count that as an excused absence). Unfortunately, Eric could not bring his daughter the grand prize, since the Scouts combusted in the last round. At least Eric won a box of chocolates. Maybe he can save them until Kylie grows some teeth.

Half of One, Six Dozen of Another, meanwhile, thought that they had crashed and burned in the last round, but they nearly aced it, besting Bill and Marge by one question. Last week's champs, the Gnomies had another respectable night, placing third, just ahead of the Scouts and the Lethal Amoebas. Skirtland placed sixth and Ubersmack was seventh, nearly causing Tim to wet his pants. They chose classic Ninentendo Entertainment System games as their theme for next week. Mario, save me!

Also, thanks to Bob of Name That Tuna for playing tonight. Bob hosts a fun music trivia show at Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia. My nephew James and I played his game Thursday night and had a great time, despite bombing some of the 70s rock tunes. If you're in the area, check his show out.
Potential trivia game spin-off idea #665: Win A Date With Deric! (The winner in the pilot episode was some Cheesy Cup O' Noodles. I hear they hit it off well).

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

VFW: Going to the Dogs

Those trivia hounds We're Here for the Beer chose tonight's theme and everyone had a dog-gone good time (who writes this stuff?) Matt, Cassandra and Jason added a guy named Cu and Dave to become CuH2W and won for the second week in a row. Chicks and Dicks' Dyno-mutt knowledge put them in second, one point ahead of Mixed Company. Bentbird, You and Me and the cheese-puff-eating B52s followed.
Brooks and Dunn (Pamela) added soon-to-be-newlyweds Cindy and Brian to their team and managed to get seventh place. They chose "The Sopranos" as next week's theme.
Shannon and Joel recruited Tina and Tom of Shitz and Giggles and they helped them capture fifth place.
The Young Bucks were not fans of Tom Sturgis' hot cheddar pretzels.
Bentbird missed the money slots by only one question.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bubes: They Made Steve Guttenberg a Star*

Jim and Kevin of the Stonecutters introduced Tracy to Trivia after a long absence from Bubes. The rest must have done them well, since they took home the gold. It was good to see that attendance had risen 3007% from last week's ice storm trivia.

* Anyone who knows the Stonecutters' theme song will get that reference.
The second place Nutsacks Have Declared Their Independence from Serbia are embarrassed to admit that one of their members plays with Barbies.
The Millersburg Fairies had a great night, taking home the bronze. And Brian was thrilled to get a biogrpahy of his hero, Pete Rose. (Janelle left before this team photo was taken.)
Liz and Jason of Frankenstein Jr. were excited to finally get seventh place. They chose "Scrubs" as their theme for next week.
It looks like the Knights Who Say Ecky-Ecky-Ecky-Ptang-Zoom-Boing are trying to get George drunk. They rescued His Ceramic Highness from his post as the trade-in prize.
Corey brought his friend Meghan, who had a good time before heading back to the wilds of Connecticut.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Earth Trivia Takes On A.M. Radio!

Dear fans o' Curtis Earth,

Curtis is kicking off a brand new endeavor today (Feb. 18th). He'll be doing a live, one-hour daily call-in trivia radio show on a Florida A.M. station. Luckily for us non-Floridians, it has an internet feed:

and their call-in number is:


He'll be on Monday through Friday 9 A.M. - 10 A.M.; one of his Florida trivia hosts, Justin Steadman, will be his on-air co-host.

Curtis is really intent on making this a success, so please consider calling in and harassing, I mean, supporting him!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chuckles: Teach Your Chillin' Well

Chillin' Wit Muh Gnomies, a relatively new team at Chuckles, had a very impressive 88 and claimed victory on President's Day Eve, 12 points ahead of their closest rival, Cold Ducklips. There was a tie between Skirtland and the Muppet-loving Ubersmack, which triggered a Captain Jack-off between Tiffany and Deric, with the latter quickly choking. Next in line were the Intoxicated Intellectuals and the two-woman Sue's Crew. For the second week in a row, Laffy Taffy claimed seventh, wresting it from the Lethal Amoebas. They're going all chemical on us, choosing the Periodic Table of Elements as next week's theme. Jason and Nick, meanwhile are happy to change their name back to We Can Win...With Tickets!
In honor of Erika's weekend performance in the Vagina Monologues, the Price Is Right renamed themselves the uncomfortable-sounding "Cold Ducklips and Rubber Gloves."
Skirtland brought along some new firepower: Don and Kim, my fellow classmate from LCHS's Class of 19XX.
Here's a pic of Tiffany with what Lee once called the "clove-stuffed" Alan.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Celi's: V.D. Is For Everybody!

Valentine's Day night I had the honor of filling in for an ailing Billy Warmth at his Celi's Clubhouse gig. I had a great time, with a high-energy crowd. I also enjoyed everyone's feeble attempts to bribe me. Nice try! I left my notes with Billy's bag, so I'm doing this from memory. I remember that Drew's team, R&R (Pictured above) were the grand prize winners, breaking the Stupid MoFos' winning streak.
These guys (I don't remember their name) did pretty well, too, placing second. They were apparently very popular with the crowd, since there was a loud roar (or was that a hiss?) when their name (whatever it was) was announced.
The Stupid MoFos almost won, but had to settle for third. A glitch in communication caused them to write down Arabic instead of Aramaic, which cost them the game. Arrrrrrgh!
Thoirns N Roses were happy that I give partial credit for partially right answers.
The Better Half wanted extra points since I neglected to wear a tuxedo for Valentine's Day, as previously reported by Billy Warmth.
Can't recall this lobby team's name. I know they were considering moving into the men's room, where there was some heat.
Plebus won a jar of maraschino cherries, hoping that Sue would do that Twin Peaks trick.
The (not from Columbia) Crimson Tide claimed that they never do well, but still managed to come in either fourth or fifth.
Dawn and her crew (Living on the 18th Green?) were very creative in their pleas for assistance.
Team Manischewitz managed to win the makings of a nice romantic Valentine's dinner: taffy and pork rinds!
I remember that Renate, Erika and Steve's team name had the word Vagina in it, in honor of Erika's role in the Vagina Monologues.
Leah and Greg (I think) had a most excellent night, taking home the coveted Swedish Fish.
Rick of the MoFos is ready for Easter now, winning 44 pounds of peanut butter eggs. (They're very dense)

Happy Valentine's Day!


P.S.: I'm substitute-hosting for an ailing Billy Warmth tonight at his Celi's Clubhouse show at the Crossgates golf course in Millersville in case you're looking for something to do on this romantic night. And I promise that is the first and only time you'll see "Billy Warmth," "romantic" and a cute puppy in the same post.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

VFW: Glory Days

It's been a long time since Jason has played trivia at the VFW. He joined Matt and Cassandra to become the H2Ws and played on a special 80s-themed night. ironically, the team of people who were too young to remember the Reagan decade ended up winning. A Pat-less Mixed Company watched two teams win jerky while they came in second. Charlie's Angels came in third (see below), while Room Two was fourth and Chicks and Dicks were fifth. Dennis and Mel were sixth, while We're Here for the Beer got the coveted seventh spot and chose "dogs" as their theme. Shitz ad Friends were missing their Giggles, while the Young Bucks were lost in the 80s.
Shanyn, Kristie and Scotttt of Charlie's Angels used their extensive knowledge of the 80s to propel them from seventh (last week) to third (this week). Sometimes the theme-picking actually works!
Prior to the show, Carmen and Erma limber up their brains by doing some serious videogaming.

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bubes: Finger Pointing

Laura and Becky of the Toxic Olives point to the icy heavens, which caused a cancellation of trivia at Bubes Tuesday night. They, along with Nate, were the only regulars to arrive, so Sam decided to postpone the show for a week. All the fans of Pennsylvania oddities can rest assured that those theme questions have not been asked yet.
Tim, Emily and Bull were not keen on the weather, either.
Sam was happy to see that one group braved the elements and rewarded the Olives with some T-shirt swag.

Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Grammy Time!

Congrats to Bret and Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords for winning the Grammy for Best Comedy Album. Pretty impressive, since it was only an EP with 6 songs. Their full-length album will be available in the states on April 22nd.