Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lititz VFW

It was Cal's 22nd birthday (or some multiple thereof), so Lexie Lou and Company treated everyone to some cake. Carmen sported a chameleonlike bandage while Irma declared 69 to be her favorite number. Even though Deb was a late arrival, she managed to score the Big Furry Thing. Jerry didn't want any junk food, so he gnawed on citronella candles instead. And we switched over to cash prizes instead of gift certificates for the top two teams.

How old are you now?

calsbday, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Cal and his family kindly shared his tasty birthday cake with the rest of the post. Thanks, Cal, and remember to follow your doctor's orders and please don't sing!

B52s didn't bomb

b52s, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

She may have lost the big furry thing, but Sheila went home a richer woman tonight, winning the 50-50. And the B52s placed fourth, alllowing them to pick next week's mini-themes: reptiles that drive cars (or something like that)

Come back, Don!

chixndix, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

A bandaged Carmen and the Chicks and Dicks crew were one Dick short tonight.

The legal system works

room2, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

and so does Room 2, newly fortified by fat-packed sweet potato chips.

We are the champions

whftb, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

The Yankees of the VFW, We're Here for the Beer, celebrate a remarkable third round. And Frank sprouts an extra pair of horns.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Now that's a nice picture

posse, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

With a name like the Posse (led by Sheriff Ted), you'd think they'd clean up on Wild West trivia, but they were shooting blanks. They had a rootin' - tootin' time, nonetheless.

Bube's Brewery

My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt was almost as popular as the Shirt of the Week: a Michael "that no-talent ass clown" Bolton World Tour 1994 shirt. Jill wanted to check the date on the spicy peanut butter. Josiah wanted to know if he could use it for a lapjack. Ellen arrived in time to celebrate her natal day and joined Gwen Stefani on the picture sheet. The Shuttle Cocks were flying high until the third round, when the Bears and Monkeys took over. But the genuine excitement was saved for the third-place tie-breaker battle between Andy and Jim. In honor of Curtis's upcoming visit, we revived the ever popular "Don't Break the Ice." (Unfortunately for him, Jim didn't take the game title's advice and lost)

Bang, bang Andy's plastic hammer...

andy, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

After conquering the Don't Break the Ice tie-breaker, Andy sought new things to smash.

How did this happen?

hawking, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Kristy must have been offered a huge tip to sit with the Stephen Hawking crew. That's the only possible explanation.

One of these days...

tesla, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

...Karen will remember to bring in her team's bio. In the meantime, the Tesla Death Rays enjoy some brews and a plate of thymuses (thymusi?)

We have three simple rules...

j, originally uploaded by mistersnrub. blogmaster J doesn't want to be lapjacked. At least not tonight.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Please don't sing Happy Birthday!

ellensbday, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Lauara was one of the many Olives that helped Ellen celebrate her birthday at Bubes.

Who made Steve Guttenberg a star?

stonecutters, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

We do, we do! The Stonecutters, who one of these days is going to win the big moolah, are looking forward to next week's questions on 24 and pharmaceuticals.

Monday, March 28, 2005

You must remember this...

tinkler, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

While you are waiting for this week's bloggage, feel free to take a nap in our piano lounge, where you'll hear the tinkling of this fellow.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Lititz VFW

It started out slow, but gained momentum to be a decent night. Sheila was searching for her teammates and looked like she would fly solo until Dennis appeared. John was exiled to the bar, but still did well. Cocco and Company stayed long enough to win the 50/50 before taking off in search of lottery tickets. The Posse purposely did not do too well, since they didn't want the recovering Cal to get overly excited and accidentally scream. Bob insisted that Dumb Donald and Mushmouth were the same person as everyone reminisced about 70s cartoons. Chicks and Dicks once again captured fourth, this time switching time periods and picking a new war: the Big One.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Bube's Brewery

The Crabby Dicks were re-incarnated while the Shuttle Cocks broke into two and Stephen Hawkings Overcame His Disability to Overcome the Balcony. Josiah and Papa Nut didn't appreciate the doubling of mini-themes (there were four this week due to a tie). Buck Snort knew their withers from their fetlocks, but fell off of the horse nonetheless. Brent's bad luck with Captain Jack caused the Jose Canseco Tried To Inject Us wilh Something Other Than Roids team to lose third, but they got to choose next week's themes. TDC and their knowledge of drunken authors helped them capture the first spot before a large swarm of E-town students enveloped the bar.

Want to trade?

teamporsche, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Team Porsche was desperately trying to unload their ceramic frog dispenser, but to no avail.


tdc, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

The Rodney Dangerfield of Bubes' teams, Team Discovery Channel (boo!), were reunited with the Sonic Death Monkey and claimed first place.

What is this thing called Smithwick's?

jamesleahrandy, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Randy tries to discourage James from drinking an import, while Leah thinks "who are these people?"

Monday, March 21, 2005

Where do we play?

wheredoweplay, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Watch out, Bubes! This team of sisters is on the lookout for a place to test their trivial knowledge. And they pretty much have the last century covered for history questions.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Tennessee Teammates

bubes031505a, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

These two lovely ladies were visiting from the Volunteer State. Now, if only I had learned how to use my camera (what is this thing called "flash?")

The Not So Lucky Charms

bubes031505b, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Jen and Helen and their friend asked that I never discuss their second round, so I won't.

What's in a name?

bubes031505c, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

The Corners Girls assured me that they do not work on corners.

Do these people look toxic to you?

bues031505d, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

The Toxic Olives are happy to get the primo table spot this week and also captured first place

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Lititz VFW

The Major Hooters were AWOL, so they didn't get to hear their M*A*S*H and 70s music questions (who remembers Brewer and Shipley?). Chicks and Dicks were short one dick, but still captured the all-important fourth place. And Room 2 pulled out a last-round comeback to capture the gold.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bubes Brewery

I returned from my wildly successful off-off-off-off-off-to-infinity-plus-one-off Broadway debut to find that Ivey did a fine job of subbing. I also found that J had once again managed to pick the themes and once again had chosen porn stars and whiskey (at least he has a two-track mind). The Shuttle Cocks were halved, while Stephen Hawking's Handicapped-Accessible Temple of Doom tripled their size. Team Discovery Channel returned from their first hiatus to find that the Sonic Death Monkey had abandoned them.

Temple of Doooooom!

bubes031505e, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

What's that between Coco's legs? Why, it's Luv Rub, of course, what those in the know choose to put on their pork!