Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bubes: Accept No Substitute

Due to sick substitute Chris Ivey's (sick as in physically ill, not his normal "sickness") absence, I ended up subbing for myself, yet using Chris's questions. So, it was an unusual night. Blurox 10/10 ran screaming from the room after the first round. Frist from "It's All About Steve" was pleased with the shortened format (they also came in fourth and chose "Stephen Foster songs" as their theme, while the fifth place Dead Bears chose "white-tailed deer"). The Tesla Death Rays invaded both the front and back rooms and managed to take third; Monkey 3:16 did one of their patented fourth round rallies and took second, while the Flaming Moerons squeaked by with a two-point victory. And that's about all I'm going to write, since I'm supposed to be on vacation.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Instead of tackling the yard (which is what I should be doing), I'm organizing my box of photos. Here are some old pix, circa Halloween, 2001 (almost five years ago!) The first is of the Wise Men (who probably weren't even legal then), the second is of Adam of Dead Bear Baby In a Jar, along with Alyssa and some other friends and the third is the winner of our Simpsons costume contest, who sewed his own Radioactive Man costume.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

VFW: The Parting of the Walls

Since I've lost my scoresheet, I'll have to go on memory. The night began when we pushed back the walls to reveal the newly redesigned back room, complete with new high-top tables. Once the front room is painted, the whole club will look really sharp! We welcomed back those snowbirds known as the Foreplayers, who were in fine form, since they placed fifth and chose classic cars as their theme for next week. We're Here for the Beer placed fourth and picked computer terms as their theme. Chicks and Dicks came in third, D & M + 2 second and Room 2 had a stellar fourth round and took the grand prize. Prizes were being either inhaled or traded. Janie's yo-yo was very popular; and Sheila was sporting a new rock on her hand, courtesy of Paul. Reminder: Chris Ivey the juggling trivia host will be filling in for me next week.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bube's: Juggalo Fever

It was a full house as people learned more about Kristie's favorite group, Insane Clown Posse. The main rivalry of the night was between the Wise Men and the Wise Men PLUS ONE (the cloned team beat their foes by three points, btw). But it was the Cross-eyed Juggalos (AKA Ubersmack) that took the prize for the second week in a row. I think the fresh air did them good. The Fool Monkey Posse tied with the Death Rays and Charles broke the record for quickest defeat in the Captain Jack-off. Favorite team names for the night: Stephen Hawking's Guide to Angry Sex and Slurring Sue and Crazy Kelly. And don't forget that Chris Ivey (along with the slightly familiar J) will be guest-hosting next week. The themes? the Gospels and country music. Yee-hallelujah!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

VFW: the Beaver Test

It was a trip to Mayfield as "Leave it to Beaver" was one of the themes. (Sidebar: did you know that it was never revealed what Ward's occupation was? All we know is that he worked in an office). It looked like it was going to be another three-way tie, but the red-hot D & M + 2 team took the lead. Room 2 followed and the Posse finally returned to the winner's circle, taking third. It must have been Janie's good luck toilet bowl cleaner/yo-yo charm. We're Here for the Beer chose James Bond movies as their theme, while Chicks and Dicks chose Harry Potter (which I am officially retiring as a theme after this week).

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bubes: What the H?

Things were going along well until the hellacious last round, which felled many a team. From out of the ashes arose a trio of teams to tie for first. Then, some of the contestants experienced their first three-way. "Don't Make Me Do It" Dave of the Death Rays was the first to fall, followed soon by John of the Fool Monkey. That left Deric of the Crosseyed Burritos the last man standing. The Wise Men chose ESPN for their theme and the Dead Bears chose (somehwat appropriately) Insane Clown Posse. Tracie made it three in a row and scored the Shirt of the Week. No one scored the classic white fondue set, however, since I forgot to chance it off.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another super-talented trivia player

We have a lot of talented folk who like to play trivia, including artistic types. One such player is Melanie Hollingsworth, the "M" of the VFW's D and M team. Mel's specialty is transforming photos of pets and animals into beautiful pieces of art. Above are three examples from her stunning portfolio of paintings. If you're interested, you can contact mel at runner4@ptd.net

Thursday, May 11, 2006

VFW: Who are You Calling Chicken?

Room 2 had no need to call for Super Chicken, since the sextet did a stellar job, only missing 2 questions the entire evening. D and M +2 had another fantastic night and took second, followed by Marsha's crew, Team Lame. The B52s once again returned to their comfort zone: fourth place and chose anatomy and physiology as their theme. The mini-Posse stage a fourth-round comeback to take fifth and chose Leave it to Beaver as their theme. We welcomed back STaR, who were a little rusty. Frank and John changed their name to Two Dumb Sh*ts; and Nick made me promise to not make any comments about her new doll.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bube's: Zuzu Was Right!

Thanks to Charles of the Fool Monkey, who has never been referred to as angelic, we now retract one of last night's questions: True or false: according to the Bible, angels have wings? Turns out that there are indeed instances in the Bible referring to their wings, such as Ezekiel 10:5: "And the sound of the wings of the cherubims was heard even to the outward court." Now, halos are another matter...

Luckily the faulty question did not affect the final score.

Bube's: Gonna Fly Now

Tonight saw the (almost) triumphal return of Out of the Vortex to Bube's. Bill and Marge were leading throughout the night, but were passed at the finish line by the hard-charging Nutsacks. The Leigh-less Death rays also charged at the end and took third. The Dead Bears were distracted by their smack-talking with Bill and settled for fourth, while the Stonecutters and Give Her an Archimedian Screw tied for fifth (themes for next week: archery, Ben Stiller movies and Ben Franklin). Team Growler passed up their bag of pearl onions, MJ passed her stuffed buzzard to Sparky and the Unit 2 Meltdown Crew passed out after the last round. Tracie wondered why Stephen Hawking bothered to show up, but one of her teammates vowed to return.

Themes, themes, who's got the themes?

I knew I was forgetting something. This week's minithemes are

Bubes (May 9th): mathematics and the Rocky movies.

VFW (May 10th): car parts and chicken parts.