Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lititz VFW

The highlight of tonight's competition was a tie-breaker between the Posse and those come-from-behind kids, 3 Chicks and 2 Dicks. Three members of each team went head-to-head with the dreaded Trivial Pursuit card. Roald Dahl proved to be the one that gave the victory to the Posse. Bill and his Hugh G. Rection team took fourth and chose (appropriately enough) sex and 80s TV shows as next week's themes. Thanks again to Bill for filling in as guest-host last week.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bube's Brewery

In a futile attempt to be more prompt in blogging, I'm writing this right when I get back from Bube's. Tonight we had a bunch of new teams playing. They did well in the early rounds (especially the M and A team), but the tried-and-true regulars prevailed in the final round. We welcomed back Lee and Alex, who had returned from their honeymoon in Scotland (Coincidentally, they picked Scotalnd as next week's theme; the other one is "U2."). We also welcomed back after a several months hiatus, the Wise Men (if only they had listened to Thundercats fan Brent)..Josiah showed off his Elvish ring, Shannon showed off the fact that he is now a free man (employment-wise, that is) and Jen showed off a rather suggestively-shaped back scratcher. Seth, in the meantime was impressed by the modern technology known as the iPod.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Who the Heck is Ken Jennings?

Monday night I was invited to play at a Multiple Sclerosis Association charity benefit trivia show at York's Harp and Fiddle Restaurant. Jeopardy whiz-kid Brad Rutter was auctioned off each round as a fund-raiser. The event raised over $1,600! My former TV Guide compatriot Randy, his wife Lauren, his sister Lisa Lisa and I were a force to be reckoned with, missing first place by a mere one point. Of course, it helped that we successfully outbid everyone for Brad's help for the last round (out of 10 rounds). Brad was a great sport, and maybe we can get him to do a charity event in the future.

Earth Bash 2005

To celebrate the visit of original trivia host Curt Earth and the wondrous Monica Stone, Hot Tub Jimmy hosted Earth Bash 2005 at his cabin in southern Lancaster County. It had horseshoes, badminton, karaoke, some fireworks and, of course, trivia. Here we see Curt attempting to use his cell phone during Billy "Buddha-Belly" Warmth's impromptu show. More pix will be available on Curtis' blog.

Who Needs the Flying Wallendas?

Earth Bash 2005 was missing the services of Chris Ivey (he was doing a surprise birthday trivia show), so Dobbs and Suzanne showed off their technique.

The Littlest Basher

Aiden Dierwechter was our youngest partygoer. Here Grandma Kathy is holding him as he listens to his big brother Gabe play air guitar.

Better Late Than Never

After a long day and night of festivities, the guests of honor and the host retired for the evening. They missed the arrival of Bube's owners Sam and Jan Allen at 2 A.M., who were surprised to find only Justin, Damion and Chris still awake.

Things You Don't Need to See

You thought the big sports story of the weekend was Lance's record-breaking seventh victory? Wrong! It was my toe-breaking during the Earth Bash 2005 Badminton Tournament. Who knew that badminton was a full-contact sport. Luckily, it was all worth it as Bruiser and I came from behind to best Dobbs and Suzanne.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mind Bullets!

Some new teams mixed it up with the old teams as Curtis Earth did a homecoming show at Bubes. Due to the refinishing of the Bottling Works floors, the event was held upstairs in Alois'. Here, Jason demonstrates his steely eyeball-technique that led him to tie with the equally tenacious Fritz.

Whatever Happened To...

Anybody remember the co-hosts of Simpsons Trivia at Zoetropolis: Hutz and McClure? No? I hear they are shriveled husks of their former selves.

Be Afraid

Stephen Hawking's Wheelchair-Accessible Temple of Doom puts on their game faces for cameraman Vinny.

Tim is intrigued by the night's victors, Team Discovery Channel.

The Smartest Couple Alive

Lee and Adam share some laughs post-show.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bube's Brewery

Stephen Hawkings, where art thou? The wheelchair crew reserved the front table, but then were no-shows, thus providing a buffer zone between me and the audience. It also forced some teams to play out in the Biergarden, including the remnants of the Babaganoosh team (tonight playing as "If You Lick It, It Will Stick.") The Nutsacks made maximum use of their theme picks and dominated the third round to win by a whopping 16 points! The Olives came in second, followed by the Death Rays. The aforementioned Lick team and TDC (yay!) tied for fourth and chose "Cheese (as in "Who Cut the..") and "Sex and the City" as next week's themes.

Important news: next Tusday night (July 19th) we welcome back the one-ond-only original Trivia Host, Curtis Earth back to Bube's. Due to floor refinishing, the Bottling Works (where we normally have the show) will be closed, so we will move the show into the Biergarden. If it is too sweltering hot, then the show will be upstairs in Alois. As always, you never know what to expect at the show, so we'll play it by ear.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

We Are The Champions!

After eons of hovering near the top, the Stone Cutters tonight claimed victory! Woo-hoo!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Bube's Brewery, June 28th

IMG_0626, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Once again I turned over the camera to another photojournalist. Tonight it was Seth (above) of the Toxic Olives turn. At first he didn't want to get out of his seat, but soon he was everywhere, hanging from the rafters and invading the restrooms. Thanks, Seth, for a new view of the game!

Speaking of which, the Fool Monkey came from behind to claim first, followed by Out of the Vortex and Dead Bear Baby in a Jar. The Stonecutters had to settle for fourth, but got to choose next week's themes: '80s pop and hockey.

IMG_0641, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Seth caught some nice, moody shots of the Brewery...

IMG_0620, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

...and some not so.

IMG_0566, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Bube's is famous for its ghosts. Here one attempts to play the game.

IMG_0565, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Where were you on the night of June 28th?

IMG_0563, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Jim's still a little loogy from his trip to Florida.

IMG_0551, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Why is Autumn looking so suspicious?

IMG_0558, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Seth was roving everywhere, as evidenced by this balcony birds-eye view.

IMG_0559, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

The Balcony, lost in thought. Or maybe just lost...

IMG_0562, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Marge and her harem recovered from the early rounds to get the silver.

IMG_0568, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

The Fourth of July comes early at Bubes.

IMG_0581, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

What the hell am I supposed to do with this?

IMG_0584, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Cosmopolitan, anyone?

IMG_0585, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Jen goes deep for something sweet.

IMG_0587, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Maybe we can incorporate massages into the show somehow?

IMG_0639, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Nice, moody shot, circa 1887.

IMG_0612, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

What are these two up to?

IMG_0588, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

It's time for your nasal exam, Mr. Horn.

IMG_0590, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

TDC pores (sp?) over their picture sheet.

IMG_0593, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

No one and no thing was safe from Seth's shutterbuggery.

IMG_0596, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

One of these days we'll get a decent shot of this team.

IMG_0597, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Jim and Wendy brought some re-inforcements and led the entire night. Well, almost the entire night...

IMG_0603, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Seth catches Nate displaying his secret super-power of eyebolt blasts.

STB_0572, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Another atmospheric shot, this time of a contemplative Ellen.

IMG_0627, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

Leigh really enjoyed her Muppet jigsaw puzzle and promised to help Adam with it...

IMG_0634, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

...and Beth liked her not-so-new 13 inch TV set (in glorious black and white!) so much that she donated it back to the show.

IMG_0636, originally uploaded by mistersnrub.

This lady was not playing trivia, but caught Seth's eye.