Saturday, July 25, 2009

This Monday: Curtis at the Bottling Works!

It's two days away! The original trivia guru of Lancaster, the Steve Allen to my Conan O'Brien, Curtis Earth, will be doing a one-night-only show at Bube's this Monday night, July 27th at 8 P.M. (If you want a decent seat, I'd suggest you get there early). The grand prize will be tickets to one of Bube's famous feasts. Other prizes include your own private trivia party hosted by Curtis, gift certificates and assorted swag.

Curtis was the one who started trivia in Lancaster County at the Greenfield Holiday Inn. He then branched out to Bube's in the late '90s before moving to Orlando to become a full-time host in 2002. Please join us for a special night of old skool trivia!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

VFW: Biting the Big Apple

Ex-New Yorkers Barry and Dee helped guide the B52s to a resounding victory. I don't have my notes form the night, but I remember it was a last round blowout, with the 2s only missing one question.
It looks like Steve is going to foot the bill for his second-place team, Chicks and Dicks.
Ben's team name was an elaborate acronym involving Ben Roethlisberger. 
I'm not sure if Karen and Bob placed third, but I am sure that they went home with a chihuahua.
Sheila's team thought it was a B.Y.O.D. party.
A nice pic of Mel and Dennis, seated at the far east end of the bar.
Sheila and Brandon chose the Dallas Cowboys as next week's theme.
You can't see me!

Onyxx Says You Will Have a Good Time!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bube's: Twin Peaks Night

I don't know why I'm leading off with this pic. It's a partial shot of the third place Tony Danza Slap.

Quietly Making Noise quietly snuck up on the Toxic Olives, tying them in the last round for first place. But Janelle had to face her nemesis, Captain Jack and was defeated by veteran Becky.

One Ball Paul and the Rhythm Disciples continue to impress me. They only missed the bronze by one question.

Nintendo 64 enjoyed the Twin Peaks questions, but enjoyed their bloody mary mix more.

The Stonecutters were ecstatic that they won a pack of googly eyes.

You Can't Fix Stupid, with Ed looking particularly studious.

Dan traded in his pixie sticks for a deflated Phillies beach ball. If you're in the Hershey area, check out his new trivia shows.

The Cogitators (sans Randy) brought along Gene, who was lucky enough to win Wheel of Lasagna. Apparently they are lasagna connoisseurs, so hopefully their review will be good.

That Girl Had the Biggest Twin Peaks tied for seventh and are going with Weezer as their theme choice.

Affleck Was the Bomb in Phantoms also tied for seventh. In honor of their old team name (Leopold "Butters" Stotch), they have chosen the character Butters from South Park.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Barry in the News

Barry Lavender of the VFW B52s was profiled recently in the Intell/New Era. It's a piece about how the economy and e-mail has affected local mail carriers. The complete story is available online here.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chuckles: The Attack of the Dynamic Duo!

Greg and Jeannie of Prius were the surprise winners tonight, with a fantastic last round. In fact, I think they surprised themselves most of all!

There's Always Money in the Banana Stand, regulars at Brendee's, were up for a night of Arrested Development trivia and came in second, two points ahead of Whirly Stix.

It was a great surprise to see the whole Van Lenten clan, along with Anthony the stray DiNunzio, come to Chuckles to celebrate stepMike's birthday. They missed second by only one question.

Gawky Domino went super-sized, but missed third place by one question.

Here's an extra blurry picture of our lucky seventh -placers, Woofin' All Over the World. They are going with that serial monogamist, Henry the Eighth.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farewell to Sarge

Sad news to report: Leroy Whitman, AKA Sarge of the Lititz VFW, has passed away. Here's his obituary from the Lebanon Daily News:

LeRoy G. Whitman Jr. LeRoy G. Whitman Jr., 69, of 246 Oregon Road, Lititz, died Thursday, July 9, 2009, in his residence. He was born June 24, 1940, in Lebanon, son of the late LeRoy G. Whitman Sr. and Ellen E. Blouch Whitman. He retired from the U.S. Army as a sergeant major with 30 years service. He received numerous medals, awards and citations, including a Bronze Star with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters. He served in Vietnam and later Korea. When living in Lebanon, he was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church. He had been an active member and volunteer of the Lebanon VFW Post 23 and later became a Life Member and active with the Lititz VFW Post 1463. He was also a member of the American Legion. Surviving are children: Catherine A. Whitman, Stamford CT; LeRoy G. Whitman III, Lititz; Daniel Lee Whitman, Lititz; granddaughter: Aiyana Whitman, Lititz; brothers: Thomas Whitman, Lancaster; Arthur Whitman, Shamokin; Steven Whitman, Shamokin; Michael Whitman, Shamokin; James Whitman, Lebanon, and sister: Jane Ann Reber, Lebanon.
Published in the Lebanon Daily News on 7/11/2009

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

VFW: Hold the Roll

I screwed up the the theme tonight, which short-changed our pickers, 2-H. They were expecting 60s rock and roll, but got 60s rock instead (I'm on a low-carb diet). This did please three teams of rockers who aced the music round. Most pleased was Phil Spector's Wig Collection, who had a one of our best scores in a long time, 96 points! Chicks and Dicks also did well, with 85, one point ahead of Giggles and Friends (which should please Mike, since he had places to go). Sold! was fourth, followed by K-B and their lucky table and Room Two. The B-52s are picking next week's theme, and they are going with a subject dear to Barry and Mary Lynn: New York City.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bube's: Second Place for Their Second Time at Bube's

The Fore are all aglow with their second place showing tonight, only one question back from We've Got 99 Problems But a Nutsack Ain't One. (Actually, the glow is from my kreppy cell-phone camera.) The Olives were in third, followed by One Ball Paul and the Rhythm Disciple (The Paulies tied for best fourth-round score, btw). The Slap was fifth and Afleck Was the Bomb in Phantoms sixth. Theme choice goes to Paul, Christina and Erin of Nintendo 64 and they are going with Twin Peaks. Paul also says that I make a mighty fine piece of lasagna. (That's my attempt at a Twin Peaks joke).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lay De Ho!

For Muppet fans, here's Julie singing the five point question from this week's Chuckles show.

Chuckles: Whiskeys on Kittens

We Played Trivia with Grover Cleveland on Two Non-Consecutive Occasions was the most creative team of the night because of 1. their awesome Abe Simpson-inspired name and 2. their use of their Trashbag of Dee-lite prize of foamy letters. I also liked Lightning Bugs Make My Poo Glow and Nurses - We Keep Doctors from Killing You, who made a return appearance. Once again the fourth round was brutal, with Ubersmack winning by two points over the Pixie Stix. The Miami Blades were only 3 points behind, followed by the Drunken Stepfathers, Gawky Domino and the aforementioned Clevelandites. Steph and Phil's Dark Angels are going with Arrested Development as next week's theme. And no one seemed to appreciate the Rainn (eye)Drops on Rose + Rose and Whiskey + Whiskey on Kitten + Kitten pun on the picture sheet.

I Just Know They're Plotting Something...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

VFW: Ps and Qs Don't Mind

Ps and Qs brought along special guest Denise on an extra-crowded night of trivia. (Some say the extra people were there for the drawing, but I like to think it was for the trivia). Chicks and Dicks managed to stave off a last minute offensive drive from Brown Chickens Brown Cows to win by two points. Room Two welcomed back Dick and took third. The defending champs, the B52s, settled for fourth, while the Frankenphilic And Gosh Darn It, People Like Me! took fifth. D and M almost got theme choice, but it goes to 2-H and they want '60s rock music.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Bube's: Is That a 32 Foot Snake?

Ashley and Eric of Win or Lose, We Still Booze hang out post-show with the snake that she won from the Trashbag of Dee-Lite. They have transplanted from central PA and have enjoyed the hospitality of Lancaster Countians. more importantly, they enjoyed tonight's show, which saw relative newcomers Nintendo 64 snatch victory from the Toxic Olives in the last round. The Tony Danza Slap also rallied to take third. 666 UDVL almost made the money, but placed fourth, two points ahead of The Other Nutsacks. Quietly Making Noise almost got theme choice, but that went to the tying You Can't Fix Stupid and This Better Be Better. Both teams are going with musical choices, so we'll have Motown and rap music as next week's two themes. Also: special thanks to Team C.H.U.D. and Prius for making the trip from Chuckles. And Nintendo 64 topped the night off be winning the inaugural spin of Wheel of Lasagna!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Chuckles: Happy Birthday, America!

I was surprised at how many people played at Chuckles tonight (20 teams), since I figured some folks would be at Long's Park for the fireworks and cannon show. We had our own birthday celebration for America, with some folks like Trish and Suzie of Twin Roses dressed in their patriotic attire. 90 percent of the questions were All-American trivia, too. The history buffs of Ubersmack had a perfect score going into the last round to take a 10-point victory over Woofin' All Over the World. Three Roads was close behind, followed by The Cherry Bombs and a tie between Skirtland and the M*A*S*Htastic Gawky Domino. Theme choice goes to Roddick's Wimbledon'ts and they are going with the classic The Sound of Music (which, strangely enough, I have never seen). Props also, to the Miami Blades, who tied Ubersmack in the final round (unfortunately the early rounds did them in). Also, welcome back to Jenna, who has returned as a server after a hiatus at Carlos and Charlie's.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Yup, I'm On It

For those of you interested in such things, I'm on Facebook (under username triviaguymike, since there are 500+ Mike Horns on it). I do not post much, and I do not join mafias or vampire clubs, but I do enjoy it, nonetheless.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

VFW: Many Have Fallen

Tonight's picture round was a tribute to the Freshly Dead, including new inductee Karl Malden (Karl Marx+Malcolm X+Dennis Weaver, that is). The B52s, last week's 7th place team, charged to a 16 point victory. I't Just a Freakin' Game had their best showing in a while, placing second, right ahead of the dynamic duo of D&M. Chix and Dix had a rough night, but recovered in the last round enough to take fourth. There was a tie between Liquor In Paradise and KB for fifth, which put This Just In: Britney Spears OD'ed and Is Number 8 in the key seventh spot (Ironically, they had won the game at Chuckles just four days ago). They have chosen the HBO series Entourage as next week's theme.

What Are You Doing Friday Night?

You can catch one of my favorite local bands, The Greatest Funeral Ever, at Rosa Rosa on Harrisburg Pike in Lancaster this Friday, July 3rd at 10 P.M.