Wednesday, September 30, 2009

VFW: Time to Drink the Milk

Ben of Iran: Today's Rogue Nation, Tomorrow's Parking Lot, displayed his extensive Indy Car racing knowledge as he led his team on a victory lap, three points ahead of Giggles and Friends. Chicks and Dicks was another three points behind, squeaking by It's Just A freakin' Game by one point. The B52s welcomed Charlie back and placed fifth, ahead of We'll Sing Polkas for Beer. Theme choice for next week goes to Shambles. They must have been inspired by the Billings question, since they are going with Montana.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bube's: In the Jungle

It was an odd night since the stage was crawling with bamboo left over from Bube's resort party the weekend before, but it didn't stop the competition. The Fool Monkey made a rare re-appearance and made good on their smack-talking to the Toxic Olives. It boiled down to a Captain Jack-off™ between those two teams, with Bill vs. Becky and Bill victorious. Beer: The Cause of and Solution to All Team Nutsacks' Problems was third, with Affleck Was the Bomb in Phantoms one question behind. Chris, Beth and Ethan of Kramerica made a return visit and placed fifth, one point ahead of Good People Drink Good Beer. Theme choice goes to the Tony Danza Slap, and they are going with Nathan of the Nutsack's favorite: '80s metal bands.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chuckles: Founding Father's Day

Founding father Curtis Earth, seen here in a flattering picture with substitute host Justin, made a rare appearance at Cafe Chuckles tonight. He got to see Ubersmack pull out of their slump and make a last round charge to victory. Nurses, We Keep Doctors from Killing You continued their winning ways, tying with the Pixie Stix for second. First-timer Kristy, however lost to champion Captain Jack-offer™ Bob. Linuscratchitt missed the money by three points, followed by Team CHUD and Gawky Domino. Theme choice went to the dynamic duo pictured above and they are going with the seventies sitcom Three's Company.
Barb and MJ recruited newbie Hillary to the Laffy Taffy crew.
Dirty Pirate Hookers cleaned up in the Trashbag Prizes, with three out of five winning.
The Twin Roses were not too thrilled by tonight's questions.

Friday, September 25, 2009

More Themes

Okay, the blog is still on hold while Real Life is acting up. Here are next week's themes:

Sunday, Chuckles: Guinness Book of World Records
Monday, Barn Door: the Beatles
Tuesday, Bube's: West Coast breweries
Wednesday, VFW: 60s Indy Car racing

Now, how's that for an eclectic bunch?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blind Center Radio Signing Off

This is really sad: the Susquehanna Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired has (unwisely in my opinion) decided to pull the plug on their radio station. I had volunteered as a reader there in the late 80s to 1991, then started up again in the late nineties. I became the voice of TV Guide (which is ironic since I worked for that little rag for 13 years). This week's taping will be my last :-( Thanks to Dwight and Chris, who currently run the station, and to the other Dwight and Jay Doudna for the past years for providing a much needed service!

Next Week's Themes

Life continues to be hectic and a cold has me feeling less then stellar, so I'm once again going blog-lite. Next week's themes are:

Sunday, Chuckles: The Princess Bride
Monday, Barn Door: Don't know yet, but perhaps The Beatles, or the Civil War (or the Civil War that was fought by the Beatles - damn you, Yoko!) or something else or no theme (how's that for a definitive answer?).
Tuesday, Bube's: Seinfeld (time to retire that one for a while after this week)
Wednesday, VFW: Cars (and I've been allowed to interpret that however I wish)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Themes for Next Week

I'm having a pretty rough week in the Real World, so the posts will have to wait . For those who like to study ahead of time, next week's themes are:

Sunday @ Chuckles: Star Trek: The Original Series
Monday @ The Barn Door (I'm probably hosting): Yet Another Mystery (Like the mystery of when Billy will come back)
Tuesday @ Bube's: The films of Broken Lizard (the makers of Super Troopers)
Wednesday @ The VFW: The Civil War

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

VFW: Da Bears

It was a special tribute night to the Decatur Staleys, better known as the Chicago Bears as everyone had more fun than a colony (or is that a lodge?) of beavers. The B52s guessed the most answers correctly and placed first, one point ahead of Chicks and Dicks. It's Just a Freaking Game tied with We Came Here to Do Two Things: To Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum - We're Fresh Out of Gum. Steve managed to best Matt in a very fast Captain Jack-off™. Room Two was fourth, followed by the duo of Sharp and Not So. Theme choice goes to Chris' Mom, who I finally discovered actually has a name: Marsha. She and John chose Cape May as next week's theme.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Bube's: September Song

Ben of the Tony Danza Slap proudly displays his Trashbag of Dee-lite acquisition: a polymer tray with stuffed bears and Chinese provinces emblazoned on the front. The Slap also celebrated their third place finish as a costly cross-out dropped My Corn Doesn't Grow in the Valley the bronze. The Younger, Cuter Nutsacks did quite well, only three points behind the Wasabi Olives. Quietly Making Noise, featuring almost-newlyweds Brian and Vanessa, placed fifth. You Can't Fix Stupid was shooting for seventh, but that honor went to Team Dickens. For first-timers, they sure know how to shake things up. Their theme choice: the Roman military. (I was going to make a Sparta!!!!! joke when I remembered that was in Greece.)