Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bube's: Good Things Come In Threes

Quietly Making Noise was our mixmaster and the winning team on a night of tribonds. Marc Is Queen Mary was right behind, followed by Calamine Lotion; Baby Powder; Valtrex: Things That Won't Stop the Itching of My Nutsack. The Earth Girls and Three Dudes switched an answer and came in fourth. There was a three-way tie for fifth between Hold Me Closer Tiny Danza, the Cogitators and You Can't Fix Stupid, so I gave theme choice to the eighth-place Olives (see below).

Marc Is Queen Mary had their best night ever.

Yet another ultra candid picture of the Nutsacks.

Crazy Us, Huh? did well despite missing the first round.

The Toxic Olives fell from first to eighth, but at least got to pick next week's theme: As Seen on TV.

You Can't Fix Stupid really cleaned up in Trashbag prizes.

Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown was did in by the picture round.

Hot Stuff was a very enthusiastic team.

Hold Me Closer Tiny Danza made secret planss to start the Black Fez Society.

Oops We Did It Again caught up to us with the third round.

The Cogitators left their good luck devil duck at home.

The Earth Girls returned, recruiting Three Dudes.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chuckles: Hair-Tearing Trivia

The Twin Roses welcomed Kojak to their team and took home the gold on a particularly tough night of trivia. Three Roads, way out in outer Mongolia took second and there was a three-way tie for third between Left Turn Only, Team C.H.U.D. and the Miami Blades. Terry, Luke and Andrew battled it out, with the Blades victorious. Of Pixie Stix was fifth and there was another tie between KCC and Skirtland for seventh. KCC's theme is yet to be chosen (UPDATE: KCC cannot attend, so there will be only one theme), while I'm bringing doo-wop songs out of retirement for one night only.

Skirtland, featuring Claire with Issues, was cruising along, only missing three questions. Then they met the Fourth Round.

The Lapcats made a return appearance and won a Zebra Devil Duck.

Team C.H.U.D. cleaned up tonight, winning three Trashbag of Deelite prizes (and tied for third, too!)

Favorite team name of the night had to be Nurses: The People Who Keep Doctors from Killing You.

KCC was out of their element, since their usual table was taken. They also left before picking their theme, so I am trying to contact them for their choice. Come back to this pic later in the week to see if I was successful. (Update: KCC regrets they cannot attend, so there will only be one theme)

Three Roads recruited their secret weapon, Andrew Andrews, and had their highest placing ever.

Left Turn Only also had their best score, but fell to the teeth of Captain Jack.

Of Pixie Stix and Whirlygigs, featuring the potty fingers of Sue.

Making Magik, in third place before the last round, looking happy before the final scores were announced.

The Miami Blades are celebrating Aimee and Andrew's engagement!

Marge enjoyed a Bill-free night, but could have used his NASCAR knowledge.

One of the Bubblegum Eagles is apparently in the Witness Protection Program.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

VFW: Boobies Galore!

Dennis wants it to be known that Melanie was the one who chose "famous boobies" as tonight's special theme. It's a subject apparently dear and near to everyone's heart as there were many high-scoring teams. Highest was Giggles and Friends, who were seven points ahead of Boobs Galore. (Galore had placed second last week as well, proving that they are not a one-week wonder). D&M chose their theme wisely, since they came in third, three points ahead of We're Here for the Beer. The B52s were fifth and the Jayne Mansfield loving Chicks and Dicks were sixth. That gave theme choice to Trivia @ 8 Lancaster edition and they are going with Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (Coconuts not included).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bube's: Blast-off!

Ma Barker's Posse is proud of the Space Shuttle that they constructed, even though they're not rocket scientists. They got to see an enjoyable night of trivia, as everyone had recovered from saint Patty's Day. The Nutsacks held off a last round surge by the Stonecutters and won by three points. The Olives were close behind, followed by the White Tigers and You Can't Fix Stupid. There was a three-way tie for sixth between The Cogitators, the Posse and Team Discovery Channel, so I gave theme choice to the ninth-place Quietly Making Noise.

Their actual name takes up too much space: My Hot Dog Has a First Name, It's O-S-C-A-R. My Hot Dog Has a Second Name It's M-A-Y-E-R, And If You Ask Me Blah Blah Balh, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah Nutsack!

The newly re-invigorated Stonecutters are on a roll.

The Cogitators went three for three in the Trashbag of Deelite!
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For the next eight weeks, the Slap has changed their name to Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza.

The Three Musketeers held down the old bar spot of Puff n Suds.

The Rhymnocerous missed theme choice by only one point.

The bronze-winning Toxic Olives captured a manatee.

Angie regrets giving the Toxic Olives an answer while Tom is happy that Team Discovery Channel has doubled its size.

Quietly Making Noise was quietly making a new playlist and picking next week's theme: Tribonds.

You Can't Fix Stupid brought along some extra firepower, but they didn't want to be associated with them, so they jumped out of the picture.

The White Tigers named themselves after their mug that they take with them wherever they go.

What's Tonight's Theme?

Patience. You're just going to have to wait for it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chuckles: The Wrath of Allison

Allison of the Spring Chicks is giving me her red laser eyes, since she didn't win anything from the Trashbag of Deelite. Her team also missed out on the top six places, who were Of Pixie Stix and Whirlygigs, Making Magik, Out of the Vortex, Ubersmack, Buzzsaw and the Twin Roses, featuring the Man in Black, The Bracket Busters and Skirtland tied for seventh, so we'll have two themes next week: NASCAR and the band The Academy Is (yeah, I know it's kind of obscure, but I was feeling generous).
Donna is sporting the latest in leftover Saint Patty's Day trashbagwear.
The Focus Five was happy to hear that they beat five teams. (This pic was taken after they handed in their answer sheet, btw).
Captain Obvious is trying to figure out what they are going to do with Devil Duck.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

VFW: And the Checkered Flag Goes To...

Matt, Matt and motorhead Ben had the complete knowledge to have an impressive 94 point victory tonight, beating out DoLaurean G-T for the gold. Giggles and Friends came on strong in the end and took the bronze., squeaking by Chicks and Dicks by one point and Mixed Company by two. We're Here for the Beer were close behind in sixth, two points ahead of D&M, who got to pick next week's theme (see below).
They had the best team name and their best finish ever: the four musketeers known as DoLaurean GT (aka Donna, Laurie, G-Nat and Trish)
Later, Donna joined Jackie and her In Love team.
This is what Sheila looks like when she's upset, like last week when I forgot to post the theme. So here it goes: Dennis and Mel have chosen one of our most unique themes: famous boobies!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bube's: Oh B'Gosh B'gorrah!

St. Pat's Day only falls on Tuesday every six years, so it's been a while for the perfect storm of trivia, Guinness and bar-hopping revelers. There were lots of new teams , such as Dublin Your Pleasure, Dublin You Fun (above). And a fun time they had, indeed! Bube's owner Sam Allen provided some extra Irish swag and we had a bunch of leprechaun questions. And we also had a Trashbag of Dee-lite that featured green (non-moldy) foods, covered with green dishwashing liquid that had accidentally opened up.
The big story of the night was the first-place finish by the Cogitators, who made it to the victor's circle after several weeks of steadily climbing up the ladder. Congrats!