Wednesday, August 29, 2007

VFW: The Last Shall Be First

As one of my high school teachers once told me, it's not the size of the fight in the dog, it's the size of the trivia players. Frank and Dave scored a major come from behind victory, leaping from ninth to first in the last round. In fact, all the early round leaders crashed and burned. The Young and the Listless, languishing in eighth, charged in the end to take third, while the Manolo wearing Nix Lix took second. We're Here for the Beer, who had been in second, plummeted to seventh. But at least they got to pick a theme: Howdy Dowdy. King Kirk declared that all Trashbag prizes should be able to be eaten at the VFW and demanded ice cream for his cones. Paul, meanwhile, demanded easy-to-read picture sheets.

VFW: Tonight's Theme

Oops! Forgot to mention that tonight's theme, as chosen by Nick of Nix Lix, is designer shoes!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bube's: Bottom of the Bag

The Bad News Nutsacks ponder their victory in this post-show shot. They had a commanding 12-point victory, aided by the 10 point question in the last round. My Exploding Ovaries Put Owen Wilson in the Hospital could only look on in amazement. Back in seventh, with a little help from Matt, was Spider-Pig, who chose "Sex in the City" as their theme. The origami-making TDC and A Dirty Shame tied for sixth. Beating them by two points were the Toxic Olives, followed by the Pirate Ninja Robots from Hell. All of those teams were only one question away from second place!

Trashbag Prizes were going three at a time in a special clearance sale. It was all the little items that no one chooses (sort of like the Island of Misfit Toys). My favorite prize was the deodorant with the wondrous name "Lady Stick." Here we see Laura demonstrating how to use it:
The Tony Danza Slap made good use of the theme and had what I think is their highest placing yet, coming in second.
Since the other Wise Men were following a star somewhere, Brent joined the Pomagrams to become Poma-Wise. It was a good match, since they took the bronze (and a patriotic bat for bashing commies).
Presenting the Pirate Ninja Robot Unicorns FROM HELL!
Nathan's shirt says it all (courtesy of Manheim Twp's Quiz Bowl)
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Novelty Chickens has targeted Kumiko and Craig as prime offenders.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chuckles: Girl Power!

Kim, Jen and Sue are a new team to be reckoned with at Chuckles. Actually, Sue was a regular a while back and Jen had a few games under her belt, so Kim was the only virgin. They were in the lead until the last round, when Out of the Vortex had a come-from behind victory. Ubersmack ended up in a tie with SJK, and Captain Jack bit Sue twice, so they had to settle for third. Skirtland was only one point behind, followed by KCC and We Got Your Special Guest Right Here. The Lethal Amoebas claimed that they were aiming for seventh, which they did, so next week's theme is "British Sports Cars." We Can Win This! (With Tickets) changed their name to We Didn't Win Any Tickets while Clueless in Lancaster were content to play with their dinosaurs in the back. The Spiffs, meanwhile, basked in their perfect first round score.

Plain and Fancy: The Class of 2011

Ken, Andreas, Jake, Tucker, Noah, Matt and Brian, AKA "Banana Fish" of the Class of 2011 cleaned up in the last round to claim the first ever Trivia Bowl for F&M's MBT house. As part of their orientation for first-year students, MBT bussed all 128 of them to the Plain and Fancy restaurant in Bird-In-Hand (heh, heh, he said "Bird In Hand") for their first taste of "Amish" cooking and brain-scratching trivia. There were 18 teams duking it out, with names like "The Power of No," "Dirty Little Secrets," "The Flying Diplomats," "Big Bird Is Lame and So Is Her Teddy Bear," and "Kim." Then, by a weird coincidence, we had three teams called "Awesome," so there was some creative re-naming going on. Trashbag prizes included Copper from the Fox and the Hound and an out-of-date box of Quisp. Banana Fish is still waiting for the grand prize, which, I am told, is "in the mail."

Thanks to Akhil Bery, Joanna DiPallo, Dean Godin, and Professor Heller for having me. Maybe it'll become an annual event.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

VFW: We Are Number Nine!

The DaMitt team celebrate the fact that they didn't come in last at the end of the night. We welcomed the Scouters, who managed to multi-task as they balanced some books and played trivia at the same time. The Hackers were back, as were D and M, minus their +2, but with 2 new (what?). Annie 's team was doing well until the last round, when we ended up with a two-way for third between last weeks champs, the Foreplayers and The Original We're Here for the Beer team. Bobbie got bit twice, so Dave was the winner. In second was a super-sized Room Two. But the night belonged to the team with the unfortunate acronym, King Kirk and His Kourt.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bube's: Flick Night

My limited activity week continued Tuesday night, when I asked Chris Ivey to sub for me. Chris went with an all-movie theme, which caused the Exploding Ovaries to run screaming from the room. The Tony Danza Slap! team took seventh, but Chris forgot to ask them for a theme, so I think I'm going to go with "Tony Danza" as their imaginary pick (unless I hear otherwise). The Flaming Moe-rons ran away with it, followed by Juggle My Nutsack and TDC.

Thanks again, Chris. We'll be back to our regular show next week.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chuckles: Blue Ribbon Billy

First off, my apologies for my bizarre behavior Sunday night. I know that I caused a lot of concern and I thank everyone for their help. It was due to exhaustion and a bad reaction to alcohol (or, more specifically, alco-hophog). I'm well rested now and ready to return Sunday night.

Secondly, many, many thanks to Billy Warmth for filling in on such short notice. Billy is a fooly-trained trivia professional and was able to jump in and interpret my questions (although I guess an answer key for the picture round would have helped.) Bill will probably be helping me by setting up his sound system this week, by the way, since I have a late afternoon game for the first year students at F&M.

Here's Bill's reporting on the night's scoring:

"The following are the scores from Sunday night. KC (Karen and Carol) didn't show so Cori played with Clueless in Lancaster.

1st - 80 Points - Lethal Amoebas
2nd - 66 Points - Talent Scouts
3rd Place - 58 Points - Out of the Vortex (sleeps with substitute host)
4th Place - 57 Points - Like a Fox
5th Place - 56 points - Ubersmack (Tim and Deric really helped out)
6th Place - 52 Points - Clueless in Lancaster (wants to sleep with substitute host)
6th Place - 52 Points - Skirtland (Alan objects to the "Women's Artistic Gymnastics" answer) As long as 'Vortex beats them it is a great night.

Since the ineptness of the two 6th place teams prevented a true 7th place I picked the mini-category for Sunday and that would be: U.S. Rivers and Lakes"

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

VFW: 75 Years Young!

All week long the Lititz VFW has been celebrating its 75th anniversary, so we had a bunch of Post 1463 trivia to honor the occasion. The Foreplayers, who usually tank on the picture round, claimed the grand prize. Mixed Company was right ebhind. And we had an unprecedented four-way tie for third between Room Two, Shitz and Giggles, We're Here for the Beer and the B52s. After multiple Captain Jack-offs, Amy of Room two came through for her team.
When We're No Biscuits bring along their better halves, they become Mixed Company, tonight's second-place team.
The B52s traded John in for a teddy bear.
The Pretzel cats were a little premature in their V for victory signs.
Nick scored one of the sweeter prizes of the evening, much to Pat of the Foreplayers' dismay: a bag of powdered donuts.

The Ihnats and the LeFevers, AKA We're Here for the Beer, were involved with the historic four-way.
John and Sharon missed the first half, but stayed and played for the second.
This group arrived in time for the last round, but just played along in their heads.
Shitz and Giggles and Friends are, appropriately enough, giggling.
Trish of Third Rock held her own in the first two rounds, but was done in by the picture round. Curt was one of the five winners of special $25 anniversary prizes we had throughout the evening.

Rob and Louise, the +2 od D and M + 2, were missing D and M, but still managed seventh place. They chose "The Cold War" as next week's theme.

Alice in Wonderland, this week known as The Real Bad Luck D*ck Teasers (and the * is not a "U") won the consolation prize of D-Day coffee table book with two audio CDs.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bube's: Adventures in Photositting

Tonight's competition was dominated by the Toxic Olives, who, for the first time in their team history, were in first place in all four rounds. Normally, I try to take carefully-crafted pictures in classic poses, such as the above...
But this week, I experimented with not composing the shots and just clicked away, willy-nilly (that's a good word that you don't get to use much nowadays).
Team Discovery Channel featuring Brother John on leave, took third with an impressive 81 points, only one point behind the resurgent second place Chubby Stubbies.
See if you can find Matt in this picture.
Mike of the Ovaries couldn't hide from his birthday.
Lisa displays her Raging Wolverine wind-up doll that she won from the Trashbag of Deelite. He will do battle with her Pearl the Librarian action figure at work.
Sarah's ready for her close-up, Mr. deMille!
Brent and Van are plotting what to do with Chad's drink while he's in the can.
The Nutsacks once again shared the balcony with their distaff counterparts, the Exploding Ovaries.
A portion of the Super-sized version of the Tesla Death Rays, who came in lucky seventh place. They chose Gumby as their theme, dammit!
Jim of the Stonecutters works on his Chisenbop.
This is the remaining half of Geology Rocks, featuring Headless Todd.
A smaller version of the Tony Danza Slap debated whether to call themselves Tiny Danza, or Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza.

Tim and Marissa, missing their partners, had an off night.
Tim and Dan hung out with Spider-Pig post-show.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chuckles: Welcome Jess!

Since Rick has headed south and Lori is on maternity leave, we have welcomed Jess to the Sunday night crew. Her first night was capped by one of those particularly painful last rounds (once again I had a lack of sleep, which makes me slightly cranky and I take it out on the last round). When the dust settled, it was the Lethal Amoebas on top. And for those of you who have laughed at their name, check out this article, provided by proto-amoeba Jay Barry.

Kelly's butt failed Ubersmack, as they lost by two points. And two points behind them were I've Got Your Kittens Right Here Featuring Barb, AKA Pussy Galore. Yet another two points were all that prevented Hide the Pepperoni from making the money. The Tidy Bowlers finally broke their seventh-place curse and took fifth, with Bill and Marge right behind. That meant seventh went to The Dicks, a brand new team who chose Seinfeld as their theme. They also won the most valuable prize of the night: a novel by Britney Spears and her mother. They tried to start a bidding war, but there were no takers :-(

VFW: Winging It

Once again, I need to post the next day, or I'll forget. Now it's four days and several thousand dead brain cells later and I do not have my notes. I remember that the Drunken Stepfathers (with special guest YouTube star Andrew Bucher) came in first...
and that MTV'N came in seventh, so they chose "American war heroes" as their theme for next week. That ties in nicely with our Anniversary Week-themed show. Don't forget to bone up on your post history and the newsletter. Annie is also providing some special raffle prizes, so Wednesday's show is not to be missed!

P.S. I found the rest of the standings! We're No Biscuits came in second and the Foreplayers fought We're Here for the Beer in a tie-breaker for third. It was Bert vs. Steve with Steve triumphant. The B52s with 51 and a half points came in fifth and Alice in Wonderland placed sixth.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bube's: Wiser Heads Prevail

The Wise Men can finally stop following that star, since they won first place! The Tesla Death Rays were 11 points behind, with the fiber-fortified Chubby Stubbies only one question behind them. Out of the Vortex were too relaxed from their vacation, but still placed fourth, followed by Bube's Bitches and a mini-sized Tony Danza Slap! There was a tie for seventh, so we'll have two themes next week: the TV series "24," as chosen by the Omega Nutsack and "20th century warfare," as chosen by TDC.

Welcome back to Helen of the Crabby Dicks, Happy 21st Birthday to Doug and Happy not-21st Birthday to Brinkman.
Straight Outta Compton was a semi-new team that stumbled a bit in the last round, but vowed to come back. They were winners of the consolation prize of a huge box of make-your-own Cinnabuns mix, which they will use to fortify themselves while studying for their grad classes.

Please Help This Unfortunate Soul

Barb of the Sunday night trivia team known sometimes as The Price Is Right has come down with a condition known as kittenitis. (Symptoms include excessive mewling, unexplained milk stains and hair in unexpected places). She also suffers from an enlarged heart and hypersensitivity, which caused her to selflessly help a friend with an unwanted litter bottle-feed five kittens. Barb is now looking for homes for three of the critters, so if you know of anyone who wants a kitten, please let me know.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Chuckles: Farewell to Rick

Tonight, sadly, was Rick's last night at Chuckles. He's headed to the wilds of Woodbridge, Virginia (co-incidentally where my sister lives). Ric was a favorite server of many of the Chuckles' teams and will be sorely missed. We gave him a close night of competition for his sendoff, with the Beth-less Ubersmack taking first. Right behind were I've Got Your Estrogen Right Here featuring Susan's Belly Button Lint and the Lethal Amoebas. Skirtland missed the money by only one point, followed by Johnny Bones (see below) and, once again stuck in seventh place, The Tidy Bowlers. They chose the TV series "Friends" as their theme.
A new team, Johnny Bones, did really well, placing sixth, even though they missed the first round!