Wednesday, May 28, 2008

VFW: May Madness, Part 2

Gary, Cass and Bree, AKA The Good, the Bad and the Crazy were joined by the even Badder Blake tonight. They're holding up the Barnstormer tickets that they won in the May Madness Contest. The other three lucky teams are Alice in Wonderland, Chicks and Dicks and Mixed Company. Those four teams will be joining four teams from Bube's (see previous blog entries) at a Barnstormers' game on July 19th (International Earth Trivia Day).

In our regular competition, February Is Black History Month! made good on their vow to take first place, three points ahead of the hard-charging B52s. I announced that Chicks and Dicks took third, but it was my bad scoring that prevented the true third-placers Room Two from claiming the bronze (I'll have to think of a way to make it up to them). That putsMixed Company in fifth and D&M and the Hackers tied for sixth. Theme choice this week goes to Alice in Wonderland, who have chosen "chicken." Cheryl asked me to be creative, then proceeded to do her best Bubba from Forrest Gump impression. ("Fired chicken, baked chicken, chicken on the barbie...")

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bube's: May Madness, Part 1

Why are Justin and Janelle of A Dirty Shame so pleased? Was it because they tied for seventh and got to pick a theme for next week? (They chose "Jon Waters films" while Team Discovery Channel chose "scotch") No, it's because they were one of four lucky teams to win the May Madness contest at Bube's. They, along with the Earthgirls, the Wisemen and If I Can't Have You, Your Mom Will Do (aka Shannon's team) will join me at a Barnstormers game in July to celebrate my fifth anniversary at Bube's and the VFW!

Congrats also to Team Discovery Channel, The Nutsacks, The Tony Danza Slap and the Toxic Olives, who all had perfect attendance for the contest.
Nanette, Jane and Lynley Carol (not to be confused with Carol Lynley) had a most excellent night, taking home the gold and four Barnstormer tickets.
The Nutsacks Officially Hope Josiah Stays in L.A. missed first place by one point.
Mark and Tim of Corndogging It Celtic Style aced all the facial hair questions and took third place, in spite of my atrocious math skills.
A team of guys from E-town known as Puff 'n Suds discovered trivia and vowed to return to Bube's to continue their deathmatch with the Earthgirls.
Long-time trivia player Rod of Hey Now, usually found at Brendee's, brought along his friend Barb. They missed the first round, but still managed to place fifth!

NABA Needs You!

Please consider donating to the Native American Bedhead Association.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Chuckles: Happy Memory Day

Our Memorial Day show was a trip down memory lane, with the return of one of the trivia teams from the last millennium, Brablock. It was formed by John Brabson (left), who recruited his high-school classmates Mark (in the middle) and some guy named Mike Horn (not on the right, that's Mark's wife Cindy) to play the Curtis Earth trivia show at what was then called the Lancaster Malt Brewing Company. Brablock was a little rusty, but managed to tie for fourth with Skirtland, slightly ahead of another LMB team, the Lethal Amoebas. Ubersmack was third, three points behind Smackdown. If Smackdown were Yanni fans, they might have tied with Bill and Marge (yet another LMB team), but Out of the Vortex was victorious.
We Can Win . . . With Tickets! supersized themselves and took the coveted seventh place spot. They had a raging post-show debate on what their theme would be, and finally picked the stories of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Yes, I know it's obscure, but H.P. needs all the publicity he can get (even though he died in 1937).

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

VFW: Happy, Yet Sad

Tonight was a night of mixed emotions. Mixed Company, for example, was happy they won first place, but Trish was sad she had to fly solo. Jaclyn and Nurse Kirsten of the Buttery Nipples (above) were happy that they knew about rickets, but...
...they were sad that their comeback in the fourth round was not enough to place.
We're Here for the Beer was happy that they captured the silver, while Darla was happy that Steve didn't win any beef jerky.
But Erma and Carmen were sad that they didn't win.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome: The Silent Epidemic was extremely happy to win third place after a disastrous older-skewing picture round.
In the end, most of the people, like the fourth place Bentley, Chris and Bridgit, were happy. (By the way, next week's theme is "reality TV," which will make Sheila H. happy)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bube's: Mmmmmm.... Victory!

The Flaming Moe-rons scare me. Due to family commitments, they rarely get to play at Bube's, but when they do they consistently place first or second. Tonight was no exception as they outlasted the Nutsacks to take home the gold. The Sacks were only one question behind. There was a three-way tie for third between the Toxic Olives, It's a Dirty Shame and a brand new team, the Melvilles. We had an extra mini-round of questions, and Jason of the Melvilles beat out Steve and Justin. Earthgirls and a Dude, minus their key player Dean, placed sixth and the T.D. took seventh.
It's a Dirty Shame were our mixmasters tonight, since they provided me with an excellent, eclectic playlist.

Trisha and Paul joined Steve, Deric and Nathan to become Eastern European Women Are Hairier Than Our Nutsacks. Speaking of hair, the seventh-place Tony Danza Slap are going with "facial hair" as their theme for next week.
Randi welcomed back globetrotting Bob back to Bube's. Bob now knows how to say "beer" in Chinese.
Randy and Lauren and Imo of the Not Ready for Drive Time Players show off their winnings from the Trashbag of Deelite. Imo recommends the prunes, which keep her regular!
The Stone Cutters are lost at sea, I mean, lost in thought.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chuckles: Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News!

Charlie the Studmuffin of the Three Roses is ready to play doctor with his new medical kit from the Trashbag of Deelite. His first patient will be Dawn, who went into shock when the Roses almost made fourth place. That honor went to the Laffy Taffy ladies, who were only one question behind third place Out of the Vortex. Invasion of the Coochy Snorchers were thrilled that they got the silver and they almost overtook Ubersmack, who won by one point.

Skirtland joined the Roses in a tie for fifth and there was an unprecedented four-way tie for seventh between the Dropkick Mollys, Sue's Crew, the Tidy Bowlers with Special Guest Star Randy Groff and Lettin the Balls Fly Where They May. Instead of four themes, I'm exercising the host's perogative and saying that Memorial Day will be one theme. I might also go with a Mystery Theme, too, just to keep everyone on their toes.
Happy Birthday, Randy! Halfway to 90! (Randy is on the left)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

VFW: Stick Out Your Tongue and Say Ah-Ha!

JuST Do It are our theme pickers for next week, and they're going with "electricity." Sixth-place We're Here for the Beer got so excited tonight that they wet themselves.. Fifth-place Shitz and Giggles only had one friend, Tom. Fourth-place Chicks and Dicks only missed the money slots by two points, right behind the WWF-loving Drunken Stepfathers. I neglected to announced second place Room Two and the B52s took the gold for the second week in a row.
The B52s will be saying so long to their secret weapon Charlie as he parasails back to Florida next week.
Jerry and Clyde celebrated their silver medal by hitting the wax bottles.
The Drunken Stepfathers have patented a new drink-carrying device.
The Zombies don't want me to mention their disastrous second round. Oops, I did it again.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Night The Lights Went Out at Bube's

Since Bube's is in the process of changing its lights, we had an extra cozy night of trivia. I used my miniature Captain Jack laser light to read the questions. The Tony Danza Slap squeaked by Would It Be Considered Beating a Dead Horse if the Nutsacks Talked About Eight Belles Being Glue? and the Earthgirls and Two Dudes. There was a tie for fourth between Team Discovery Channel and I Don't Give a Shit. I Walked In On My Friend was sixth, and the Toxic Olives got to pick next week's theme (see below)
The Slap brought along some reinforcements and took home the gold.
Dean brought along his harem to play as The Earthgirls and Two Dudes.
Justin and Brian brought along trivia newcomer Emily, and they all struggled on a new team name.
I Walked In On My Friend... and this is what I found.
Frantastic, AKA the Cunning Linguists, did very well, considering that they missed the first round entirely.
The Toxic Olives made a rare two-weeks-in-a-row appearance. They started out well, but fell to seventh in the last round. Since two-thirds of them work with maps, they are going with "eastern European geography" as their theme for next week.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chuckles: Here's to All the Mothers of the World

Our theme-pickers, Letting the Balls Fly Where They May, celebrated on our special Mother's Day edition of the Earth Trivia show after winning the Captain Jack-off. Paul of Ubersmack was hoping to repeat as winner against the alligator, but Erin (not pictured) prevailed. Perennial bridesmaids The League of Extraordinary Genitalia (what's with all the gonad references tonight?) settled once again for third, followed by Skirtland, the Twin Roses and KCKCB.
The KC gang passed an amendment to their team's constitution and temporarily allowed one of their members to have a name that begins with something other than the letters K or C: Carol's son, B. Since Corie and B brought their mothers, Karen and Carol, along with Veida of the Tidy Bowlers, were treated to some of my home-made lasagna. I'm getting hungry just thinking of it!
Dawn and Trish attempt to strangle each other as their Studmuffin looks on.
Mike and Amanda, the McNuttys, landed in the sweet seventh spot and chose "science fiction movies" as their theme for next week.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

VFW: Happy Birthday Sheila!

The B52s celebrated Sheila's birthday by winning the grand prize, ten points ahead of Room Two. Mixed Company finally got out of their slump and took third. Only four points behind were D&M and Shitz and Giggles. Chicks and Dicks were sixth and Condoleeza Rice Sex Tape gets to pick a theme. They're going with '80s wrestling.
Sheila loves birthdays!
Mixed Company returned to their winning ways, 4 strokes behind Room 2 (isn't that an albatross?)
Commander's Choice was the only team to remember "December Bride" (although Shitz and Giggles and Friends came mighty close).
Steve gave his Trashbag Of Deelite prize to his favorite little devil, Darla.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bube's: Smacked by an Olive Branch

Nate oversaw what has to be one of the Toxic Olives' biggest nights, since they ran away with it in the last round. Earthgirls were second and there was a Jack-off© between Ben and Justin for third, with the Tony Danza Slap! victorious. Quietly Making Noise had to settle for fourth, right ahead of Jonathan Livingston Dickfarm. Shannon's team 32 Feet Per Second Squared, unfortunately missed seventh and took sixth. The Nutsacks Are Looking Forward to Feeding Eight Belles to Josiah's Dog sparked a discussion of how soon you can make a joke and took seventh. They're going with "baseball before 1932" as their theme.
The air on the balcony helped stimulate the Earthgirls in their last round, which propelled them from eight to second!
Barb tries to stop new med student Sam from performing the Vulcan death grip on Emery, who is having a trivia seizure.
Helen and Jason of the Crabby Dicks missed the first round, but still had a decent score.