Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chuckles: Shock(ed by) the Monkey!

I warned people to beware of the Full Monkey (AKA 668 The Neighbor of the Beast), since they were always contenders when they played at Bubes. And I was right, since they took home the gold. Only four points behind were the Pixie Stix, and, only four more points were tonight's Simpsons theme-pickers, Team C.H.U.D. Next up were Ubersmack, Skirtland and We Can Win... With Tickets! Seventh place Intoxicated Intellectuals are next week's theme pickers, and they are going with "Flowers."
Kitty, Steve and It's-Not-My-Birthday-Boy Chris braved the arctic chill of the non-smoking room.
The Six Little Duffs of Team C.H.U.D. (Which one is Remorseful?)
Ubersmack was chugging along steadily in second until a bad final round.
Tuna Bob of Name That Tuna kept it all in the family by bringing along Little Nemo.
The ladies of Laffy Taffy are following in Leslie's parents' footsteps and are now Internet stars.
Jim had the excellent suggestion to play Simpsons songs throughout the night.
Dawn and Sue brought along some extra firepower this week.
Half of the Tidy Bowlers won half of the prizes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

VFW: I-O-Wahhhh!

It was a potentially sad night at the VFW, since it potentially might have been BBC's last night. Brigid and certified horologist Ryan Bentley will be returning to the wilds of Iowa now that he has received his watchmaker's degree. Chris (the C in BBC) will be scouting for a new team.

To entertain them on their potentially last night, I cut short the second round by five questions, played what was called "painfully slow" music from 1945 and I also managed to insult guys named Jacob, men who dye their hair and the entire populace of Poland.
Poland's own B52s (The theme pickers) had a great night, placing third.
I didn't realize that Pat of second place Mixed Company is in the witness protection program. My bad. They almost managed to beat first place Room Two.
I gave fifth-place We're Here for the Beer the following direction: "look intent" and this was the result.
Bruce is posing for the centerfold of next month's Playtrivia™ Magazine.
Chicks and Dicks were chugging towards an almost perfect score until the last round, when they dropped to a tie for fifth.
Since the Hackers will be in Myrtle Beach next week, I gave the theme choice to Angie and Jeni of the Highsteppers. They are going with "modern board games."
Kevin is turning pink with laughter.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bube's': What's That in My Pool?

It looked like a sparse night tonight around 7:45 P.M., but then the rooms filled up and we had a full house. The Nutsacks split in half as Steve formed his own farm team, Someone Took a Piss In My End of the Gene Pool (see above). They must have been some good genes, since they scored a whopping 98 points to take home the gold. Right behind them (well, literally right beside them) were the always formidable Flaming Moe-rons (Flyers Rock!) team, with 98. The Democratic Nutsack Convention placed third, followed by Quietly Making Noise. Puff n Sudsy Sex Mon were fifth, and the Barry-free As the Bottle Drains were sixth. That gave the Tony Danza Slap theme choice, which I Sarah tells me is "board games." (Which was also chosen later in the week at the VFW, strangely enough).

Tonight also saw the return of Randy of the Tesla Death Rays, who had to explain to her teammates what the Aztec Sidestep was. The Lampshades morphed into the Humpheads, but the name change did not do them well. Bent Dix, howver, dod do well, despite missing the first round.
Chris of the Flaming Moe-rons is the proud owner of a stuffed animal from the Trashbag of Deelite, which he will promptly give to his dog to tear apart.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chuckles: Intoxicating Victory

The Intoxicated Intellectuals celebrate their victory, adding to their cumulative kitty (currently at $85). Their comeback in the last round inched them ahead of second-place Ubersamck and third place Out of the Vortex. Laffy Taffy's cross-out cost them the money and put them in fourth, with the Twin Roses right behind. Skirtland was looking forward to seventh, but got sixth instead. Making Magik made a rare return appearance, while We Can Win... With Tickets won...with tickets!
Team C.H.U.D. had an excellent night. Excellent until the final round, when they ent from first to seventh. But that puts them in the seat to pick the theme: The Simpsons. We're going to relive the old Sunday night Zoetropolis shows when I used to do a all-Simpsons show in a movie theater. Memories!

Alan of Skirtland missed his chance to get into CHUd's picture, so he demonstrated his photobombing technique after the fact. For more about the sport of photobombing, go here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

VFW: Our Brains Will Go On

It was a night of Titanic trivia as the teams plumbed the chilly depths of their memory for obscure trivia about the Night to Remember. Chic and Dix were sailing towards a perfect score when they hit the iceberg of the fourth round. It was not enough to sink them, though (okay, enough with the bad metaphors). D&M tied with Mixed Company for second, but Mel fell to Pat. Christina Applegate Is Flat Out Gorgeous changed their name several times and took fourth. Alice in Wonderland had double the Trish power and changed their name to CHELTR2 and landed in fifth. BBC, meanwhile had double the Chris power and changed their name to BBCC (they took sixth). That put the B52s in seventh and they are going with a popular theme for a VFW: World War II.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bube's: Does This Make My Head Look Big?

Deric's head swelled with pride when it was announced that Ubersmack was tonight's victor.
The Toxic Olives, who usually play every other week, made an off-week appearance and took home second place.
Tom of Discovery Channel, flush with victory from the World Piping Championships in Scotland added another trophy to his case when his team claimed the bronze.
As The Bottle Drains watched their lead drain away once they added special guests Barry and Sue.
The Quadratic Equations had an excellent night, winning the director's extended cut of Bill Murray's classic "Stripes."
Louis-Prima-loving Nate of Puff N Suds (far back) enjoyed his last show of trivia for a while before heading back to Penn State, while Ashley needs to turn around.
Here's the other half of Puff N Suds, about to enjoy more suds.
Steve of We Are the Woirld, We Are the Nutsack brought along Trivia Newbie Eric (not to be confused with Barbie Eric). They tied for seventh with Quietly Making Noise, so we're going with two themes next week: "Watergate" and "Hunter S. Thompson."
My cinematographer's direction for this Shot of Quietly Making Noise was to "act pissed that you fell to seventh." Brian and Vanessa are being sent back to Julliard for some refresher courses.

This Just In from Kilt-town

Congrats to Tom Miller of Bube's Team Discovery Channel. He just returned from Scotland where his band, The Ulster Scottish Pipe Band just took fifth place at the World Pipe Band Championships, an amazing feat for an American group! Hoot, man!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chuckles: Willy or Won't He?

Here's a combo shot of tonight's number one and two teams, Out of the Vortex and Ubersmack. Marge and Willy Nelson contemporary Bill led almost the entire evening in a night of very close scores.
Team C.H.U.D. is on the move. They've been working their way up the leaderboard and took home the bronze this week! (oops, I was trying to go a week with Olympic references.)
Laffy Taffy supersized on Sunday, adding Barb's parents from Buffalo. They were only a couple of questions behind the leaders, but the competition was so tight that they came in seventh. They are going with the TV show "Scrubs" as their theme for next week.


The cats have my house surrounded...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

VFW: One for the Record Books!

Here we see, up close and extremely personal, two-fifths of Chicks and Dicks, the first team to ever hit 100 points. Aided by Ginny, Wally and Cole Porter fan extraordinaire Steve, the Chix aced the last round to enter the record books. I'm missing my notes and it's nearly a week later, so i forget who came in second and third, but I do recall that Nix Lix came in seventh and chose "The Titanic" as their theme for next week.
In the grand tradition of the Apollo-Soyuz mission, former enemies We're Here for the Beer and the Foreplayers joined forces to become Foreplayers for the Beer. (Then again, the Apollo-Soyuz mission didn't crash as spectacularly).
Someone needs to tell Nick that Tom was seen carousing with a mystery woman.
Chris will have to find new teammates next month, as Bentley and Bridgit head back to the wild and wooly state of Iowa.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bube's: Boycotting the Olympics

My Rich Oil Lobbyist Husband Can Beat Up Your Poor Hipster Boyfriend arrived a little late, but a quick round of speed questions brought them up to par. In fact, they came in third nudging out the Nutsacks and almost catching up to Wish I Was in China or Vietnam. Tonight's lead story, however, was the triumph of Quietly Making Noise. Their point total on their last round exceeded the combined total of their first three. Puff N Suds were fifth and As the Bottle Drains had to settle for sixth and a "I Sometimes Pee When I Laugh" t-shirt.
David displays the inflatable nun that Dee won. The nun then wrapped his team's knuckles for only getting one of the their theme choice questions correct. Luckily, the Slap once again came in seventh and get to pick next week's theme: fads of the 1980s.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chuckles: We Can Win ... (But Not Tonight)

Jason hid three of Nick's friends behind their booth as they played under the mysterious "With Tickets" all night. Only after the competition were their real identities revealed. After the competition there were blasted brains everywhere after a particularly brutal last round. When the dust cleared, Ubersmack had a very impressive 91 points, 13 points ahead of the Hop Refugees and the Intoxicated Intellectuals. The Price Is Right, through an official press release, announced their new name (Of Pixie Sticks & Whirlygigs) and fell to seventh. They wanted to go with "The Office (British Version)," but I thought two weeks on the same show (or variations thereof) was pushing it, so we're going with their second choice, "The films of Christopher Guest." (He did This Is Spinal Tap and Best in Show, among many other improvisational comedies, in case you were wondering).

I had a nice picture of Matt, Michelle and Josh of the VFW, who were in Lancaster visiting. The crowd greeted their team name with hearty booing, making them feel welcome at Chuckles. Unfortunately, I forgot to hit the save button on my cameraphone.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

VFW: All in the Family

Mixed Company kept it all in the family by downsizing and then used Grant's Turtle Power to claim the gold. Chicks and Dicks was only two points behind, while there was a fight for third (see below). We're Here for the Beer was once again exiled from their normal table and took fifth, while D&M and Room Two slugged it out for sixth. Since we already had one tie-breaker, I decided to give theme choice to a new team, the Highsteppers (once again, see below).
Kevin and Dave of Trivia @ 8 glare at their downfall, Captain Jack. They had been leading the entire evening, then dropped to third in the final round. That forced a Captain Jack-off™ between Dee and Dave, with Dave on the short end of the teeth (or something like that).
Jeni and Angie, AKA the Highsteppers, got to pick next week's theme. An, keeping with their team name, they are going with "shoes."
Welcome back to the VFW's own Steve Austin: John Zagorski of the B-52s!